Hotel Honolulu Majorca

Hotel Honolulu Majorca is a good value for the money and provides guests with a decent array of amenities and is within close proximity to many beaches and all of the nightlife in Magaluf. Hotel Honolulu in Magaluf has earned a reputation as a party spot, but during the off season (not during the summer), it is not all 18 to 25 year old kids smashing it up. In fact it is a decent hotel, and booked far enough in advance, can be a great value, allowing you to spend more of your money on having fun and exploring the largest island of the Balearic archipelago, Mallorca.

First you have to be aware that during the summer months, Magaluf in general, not just the Hotel Honolulu in Magaluf, is a wild and crazy resort with tons of clubs and all night parties. This is not to say that families will not enjoy themselves here, but it is particularly geared toward a younger crowd. The Hotel Honolulu Majorca is no different during the high season and does not turn the eager partiers away. Many of the tourists who go to Alcudia are from England and Scandinavia and so retailers and service providers do their best to accommodate their particular tastes. Gift shops, stores, and local markets ship in products to make their valued guests feel even more at home while they are at the hotel and in the town.

Honolulu Hotel Mallorca provides its guests with a nice array of amenities. There is an in-hotel restaurant, bar, 24-hour front desk services, beautiful gardens and terraces, safe deposit boxes, luggage storage, billiards, outdoor swimming pool, free parking onsite, and internet access. One obvious appeal of the Hotel Honolulu in Majorca is that you can find reasonable prices on rooms, and still enjoy amenities like having dining and drinks on site if you so desire.

The Honolulu Hotel Mallorca is located between Palma Nova and Magaluf. The nightlife in Palma Nova is amazing and the views of the bay from the hotel are stunning. From here you can explore other parts of the island of Mallorca. Head over to the vivacious resort of Magaluf and enjoy some sunbathing and relaxation on one of the resort’s three beaches—Majorca Beach, Magaluf Beach, and Palma Nova Beach. You can also take tours and expeditions. One option is to take a trek to Alcudia and go on boat cruise around the northern tip of the island or to Minorca or Barcelona. One of the great things about the island of Mallorca is that you are within distance, anywhere on the island, of the other hot spots, whether it’s Palma, Magaluf, Sa Coma, or Alcudia. The Honolulu Hotel Mallorca is a fine option if you are looking for an accommodation with great proximity to the beach and other attractions for a reasonable rate.

If you are planning to look for flights to and hotels in Mallorca, consider putting the Hotel Honolulu in Magaluf on your list. Plan in advance and you will be surprised at the relatively inexpensive rates that may become available, especially in the off season. Guests enjoy fantastic customer service, a pool, clean and comfortable rooms, and more. The Honolulu Hotel Mallorca is a good choice for those looking for affordable rooms in this party-oriented resort in the Mediterranean.

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