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Places to stay in Mallorca are as wide and varied as the wealth of activities once can find to do there. The best accommodations for planning a trip to Mallorca depend on the activities visitors have planned during their visit. From renting a quiet hotel villa Mallorca to booking a room at one of the boutique hotels in Mallorca Spain, or staying in a country farmhouse, each is sure to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Hotels in Mallorca are the most common accommodation available on the island, and generally are quite affordable. For a special treat, spend the night in a rural hotel, like the Mallorca Hotel Llenaire, which situated around Mallorca’s smaller towns. Rural hotels in Mallorca are generally old mansions and manors refurbished to accommodate guests. Travelers will have easier access to the mountains and escape tourist crowds. The Mallorca Hotel Llenaire is a top quality choice. Built in the 17th century, the Mallorca Hotel Llenaire was restored in 2001. Take in the views of the bay of Pollensa from a terrace around the house, and sample traditional Spanish cooking.

For tourists wanting to pamper themselves or take in city life, luxury hotels in Mallorca are also available. Planning to spend a lot of time at the beach? Book a resort hotel since most of them are near beaches.

Boutique hotels in Mallorca Spain will add a bit of style to your trip. Find the perfect spot for family friendly visit or a romantic getaway to the countryside. As a relatively new trend, the boutique hotels in Mallorca Spain will provide a fresh new outlook to your stay.

Another popular accommodation, although more expensive, is a hotel villa Mallorca. Here you’ll find the privacy you want after a busy day of taking in all of Mallorca’s popular attractions. Look for a hotel villa Mallorca in the western and northern sections of Mallorca. You’ll generally find a hotel villa Mallorca in secluded areas with minimal traffic, so plan to rent a car if you stay in a villa.

If you’re in the mood for a taste of olden days in Mallorca, a finca will be a perfect fit. Fincas are old farmhouses and country states remodeled for guests, yet still used today for agriculture. Sprawling estates will give you plenty of space to wander. Both fincas and rural hotels in Mallorca accept only a limited number of guests. Explore the small nearby villages as you take in the peaceful vacation you’ve been searching for.

Getting to your hotel from the airport or from the ferry, however you arrive in Mallorca, is relatively simple. Airport buses can transport you to your hotel, take a taxi, or arrange for your hotel to pick you up when you arrive. Have small denominations of money if you take a taxi because the drivers are limited in the change they carry. If you rent a car, make arrangements before you arrive in order to avoid delays.

Whatever your choice, many of Mallorca’s tourist accommodations are steeped in history and can be as much of a tourist attraction as the many other wonders Mallorca has to offer.

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