Mallorca Weather

Mallorca weather tends to be beautiful no matter when you head to this European destination. The Majorca weather forecast varies only slightly throughout the year, and travelers will find pleasant weather and plenty of sunshine—the island averages more than 300 sunny days a year. For most tourists, the best time of the year to travel here is from June through September when the weather in Mallorca is unbeatable.

January and February: The Mallorca weather during these months tends to be the island’s coolest. The days can be sunny and mild, but the temperature cools down at night. It is not uncommon for some days to reach temperatures in the 60s, but others can dip as low as the 40s. As it’s not the best beach Mallorca weather, it’s the best time to visit Mallorca for hiking and touring vineyards.

March and April: The Majorca weather forecast during the spring is warmer than at the beginning of the year, with most of the days averaging in the high 50s and 60s. The spring brings out plenty of blooming flowers as well. The weather during this period is quite dry, and tourism tends to pick up but not to the point where you will be overwhelmed by the crowds. Although the water may be chilly, many visitors still swim in the Mediterranean, and the season is also ideal for bird-watching.

May through September: The weather in Mallorca during these peak months is simply fantastic. Early May tends to be chillier, around the mid-60s, but by the end of the month the pleasant Mallorca weather makes the best time to travel to Mallorca for a beach holiday. These are the driest months on the island. June brings the most tourists, as it averages eleven hours of sunshine per day and temperatures in the 70s. July and August are the hottest months with temperatures in the high 70s and 80s.

October through December: Mallorca weather during the fall tends to be cooler, and the island sees the most rainfall at this time. Although the average rainfall for the season is only about ten inches, it is not uncommon to see a gray day. October is the stormiest month, but even if it’s cloudy, visitors will find mild temperatures in the 60s throughout the month. It cools in November and December, but the weather in Mallorca is still primarily sunny.

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