Magaluf Nightlife

Magaluf nightlife is some of the most wild and crazy to be found in any of the Mediterranean coastal resort areas. Magaluf nightclubs are well known by European and other international tourists for their world-class DJs, themed parties, and party-around-the-clock atmosphere. A wave of violence in the 1990s led to a major cleanup in Magaluf. This resort is now much more family friendly, but neighboring Palma is a much safer bet if you happen to be traveling to the Balearics with the kids. That said, if what you are looking for is one huge party, then there may not be any better destination than Magaluf on the island of Mallorca.

There are literally hundreds of bars and clubs in Mallorca. The nightlife all over the island is amazing and it is most certainly the craziest in Magaluf. The nightlife in Mallorca is ever changing, as clubs open and close. There are, however, certain places that have become staples of the resort destination and most of the nightlife in Mallorca in general revolves around partying. In Magaluf, the party happens primarily along the Punta Ballena,. After tourists leave the sunny beaches at Magaluf, a popular thing to do is to purchase a pass that grants access to five of the clubs on the strip. People traveling to the Mediterranean to enjoy the world-class partying will find this a great way to take in as much Magaluf nightlife as possible in the same night. Tourists tend to troll the strip and rarely stay at just one place. More often than not, tourists will stop at several clubs in Mallorca. Magaluf is the place to go for endless partying and endless excitement.

Magaluf nightlife is not however limited to crazy parties and all-night raves. For tourists who want a piece of the action, but do not require that it be a mad house to enjoy themselves, there is an array of restaurants and tamer bars and clubs that cater to a more mature crowd. Most of the Magaluf nightclubs are portrayed in pictures as crazy, bubbly parties with half-dressed people. The fact is that element most certainly exists, but primarily on the strip. There are definitely other options to suit everyone in terms of nightlife in Mallorca, and specifically, in Magaluf. And places such as Palma and Sa Coma have awesome nightlife that tends to cater a bit more to a family audience. There are also night clubs and bars, the range of options is just more broad at these other destinations.

The best bet for finding your ideal clubs is to book your travel far enough in advance that you are able to speak with a concierge or other representative at your hotel or resort about the location of where you are staying and its proximity to the establishments that suit your ideal night out. This ensures proximity to your preferred nightlife. The locals are able to help. They know exactly which Magaluf nightclubs are popular and can help you get there and even arrange for a car.

Even though Magaluf nightlife has a reputation for craziness, the resort actually offers a number of other activities that the whole family can enjoy as well. There are two water parks, go karts, horseback riding, jet skiing, wind surfing, a bungee rocket ride, and much more. Beyond that, nightlife in Mallorca with the kids is enriched by many hotels and clubs that feature family-friendly shows and other entertainment.

If you are heading to Mallorca and looking for a party, you are probably well aware that nightlife in Mallorca does not get a lot better or crazier than that in Magaluf. You will certainly not be disappointed with the sheer number of places to go, parties to attend, and things to see.

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