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Mallorca tours are a fantastic way to spend part of your vacation in the Balearic Islands. This simple fact is true because of how many amazing tours are available and because of the general beauty of the topography of the island. Whether you are interested in taking a Palma Mallorca walking tour to explore the whole island or you want to take a ride in a submarine or an excursion into some amazing caves, there is something for everyone on tours in Mallorca. Even a visit to a Mallorca pearl factory tour is at your disposal.

One popular attraction for tourists is taking a boat trip around the northern coast of Mallorca to Minorca or Barcelona. Many of the boats have glass bottoms so you can enjoy the exotic wildlife swimming through the crystalline water beneath you. During the summer months a ferry runs continuously from Mallorca to many of the other popular attractions in the Balearic Islands, such as Ibiza and mainland Spain. A general Palma Mallorca walking tour is a great opportunity to hit many of the high points in one day. With the warm Mediterranean breeze blowing through your hair you will see sights like the Torrent de Pareis, La Calobra, the beautiful beaches, the Old Town of Alcudia, and more. There are many different excursions and Mallorca tours offered. Be sure to consult with you concierge to get information on the best and most fair tour packages in Mallorca. Yourluxury hotel or resort should have someone on 24-hour call.

Another one of the most appealing and popular tours in Mallorca is the cave tour. This fascinating journey takes you through the majestic Caves of Drach, where you will find unbelievable limestone formations, stalagmites, and stalactites. The tour also passes through Cave Hams. Lake Martel in the Caves of Drach is one of the largest subterranean lakes in the entire world. This tour is sure to excite the imagination of kids and adults alike.

The submarine may be the coolest of all available Mallorca tours. A boat picks you up at the submarine center in Magaluf and you are escorted to an island. From here the 45-minute underwater submersion begins. You actually get to take a submarine through the exotic Mediterranean waters in places where previously only divers had access. This is a must see in Mallorca if exotic tours are something you are interested in.

The pearl trade in Mallorca has been thriving for years. A Mallorca pearl factory tour is a perfect way to get a comprehensive understanding of the process and trade and be better informed to purchase and survey your options on the island. There are a number of shops where you can purchase reasonably priced white and black pearls. On a Mallorca pearl factory tour you can purchase nice pearls for very good prices. Perlas Majorica, which is the biggest manufacturer of Mallorcan pearls, has a factory that is probably the biggest tourist draw in terms of pearl facilities of this size. A portion is open to the general public and thousands of tourists pour through every year to see how the pearls are finished and produced.

There are exciting options for all kinds of tours during your stay in the Balearic Islands. A Palma Mallorca walking tour is the perfect way to see much of the island. A trip to Palma itself is a brilliant way to spend the day, or take a submarine voyage, or just walk the golden beaches. In the Mediterranean you have the leisure to take it at your own speed.

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