Mallorca Villas to Rent

There are a variety of Mallorca villas to rent if you need more space or more privacy than a hotel can offer. The Balearic Islands of Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, and Formentera are such popular tourist attractions that many of the resorts and luxury hotels can become somewhat congested, especially during the summer months. This makes choosing from villas in Mallorca an alluring proposition. Staying at one of the luxury Palma de Mallorca villas means that you will enjoy a heightened level of privacy and tranquility. Another enticing aspect of renting a villa is that you are able choose from so many different kinds of places, that you truly can tailor your vacation lodging to your exact specifications.

There are, for instance, gorgeous villas in areas of the island such as Cala Mandia, located in close proximity to Porto Cristo, that are finely appointed and within easy walking distance of the island's most beautiful beaches. Many of the best villas in various parts of Mallorca are considered so largely because they are situated right on the water.

Many villas are air-conditioned beach homes that boast marvelous pools and terraces, two bedrooms up to six bedrooms, living and dining room, and well-equipped kitchens. The vistas from the balconies overlooking the pools and out to the blue Mediterranean will instantly put you in a position of utter peacefulness. There are great examples of private villas in Mallorca that are nicely appointed and modern but that also maintain a certain Mediterranean look and feel all over the island. This is another alluring aspect of renting a villa. You can choose from white stucco, Mediterranean inspired villas, or post-modern looking glass, wood, and concrete villas that sit atop rocky embankments right on the sea. Being able to choose exactly what kind of villa you'd like to stay in is just as important as being able to choose the location of the villa.

If you are traveling to Mallorca as a couple and looking for a small one bedroom on the island, this can also be found. Other options include charming two to four-bedroom villas that accommodate a group of friends traveling together or a family.

In places like Alcudia on the island of Mallorca there are gorgeous villas with spectacular pools, large terraces that overlook the sea, and big living quarters and glass walls that provide unparalleled vistas of the island and the water. There are quaint but modern Palma Mallorca villas where you have plenty of privacy but also access to a cool part of the island. Cala D’Or was once a fishing village but is now a lively and exciting town with lots of shopping, dining, and fun nightlife. There are many villas to rent around the island and some of the most beautiful and nicely appointed Mallorca villas are located near Cala D’Or.

You can also find larger villas like those in Sa Coma and parts of Palma that have a swimming pool, two to four charming bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and full entertainment system in the living room. Mallorca vacation rentals can be difficult to choose from simply because of the sheer number of options. Most are equipped with laundry and every conceivable appliance. Staying at one of the villas in Mallorca provides just the right amount of privacy and access to the water and activities.

There are countless Palma de Mallorca villas that will suit nearly any kind of vacation experience you desire. There are very trendy and modern two bedroom villas on the top floors of beautiful buildings in the middle of the city of Palma, as well as perfectly appointed villas in Mallorca that are positioned right on the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The island is relatively small so wherever you stay you are sure to be within easy walking, biking, or driving distance to many restaurants, bars, shops, and markets.

There are reasonable prices and plenty of options for Mallorca villas to rent. After you have gotten through the itinerary planning, and chosen from flights and other particulars, you’ll want to pour your effort into finding the ideal place to stay. Villas in Mallorca provide a nice way to enjoy the luxurious surroundings of the island of Mallorca in your own intimate way.

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