Menorca is a part of the Balearic Islands, which belong to Spain and are located in the Mediterranean Sea. The name of the island is derived from its relative size to the larger Mallorca to the west. There is a population of fewer than 100,000 people on the island, but the tourism industry keeps the island buzzing throughout the year. The climate in this part of the Mediterranean is such that people have the ability to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities virtually anytime. It rarely drops below the mid 50s for a low temperature, even in the coldest months at night. The summer months are hot and comparatively dry.

Anyone who has visited the Balearic Islands of Spain will tell you that you will be hard pressed to find more beautiful beaches than those on Majorca and Menorca. Families and people who generally are geared more toward a relaxed and tranquil vacation may find Menorca to be a more suitable option, as its smaller size means less tourist crowding and competition for prime spots on the pristine beaches. Major beaches such as Punta Prima, Cala en Porter, Cala Pregonda, and Binibequer draw travelers to their idyllic shores in large numbers every year. The best Menorca beaches offer all of the amenities and public facilities you need, including access to gear and equipment rental, as well as dining, shopping, and entertainment.

One of the cool things about visiting Menorca is that you can also enjoy the native culture of the island. It is not just a tourist destination, empty of any cultural or historic significance. Quite the opposite, there are a number of celebrations that take place throughout the year to commemorate many different facets of the island culture and traditions.

The island is known well by repeat visitors for staging many summer fiestas that generally last for three days and feature many unique ways to celebrate. The Festes de Sant Joan, perhaps the highest profile fiesta, lasts for three days. It is ushered in, on the first day, by a man clad in sheepskin, parading through the streets. This begins the party and the bonfires of day two, which is dominated by beautiful black horses parading and performing tricks. The third day features competition amongst horse riders and many other events. Throughout the entire fiesta, there is much singing, drinking, eating, and dancing.

As you can see, there is far more to do on the island of Menorca than just fall out on the beach, although this is not at all a bad option. The beautiful, white sand and crystal blue water is as inviting as any you will find in the Mediterranean Sea. The dining is great on the island, and you will be treated to many traditional, as well as innovative seafood dishes. Some British colonial influences are still absolutely evident in some of the local traditions, one of which includes drinking gin aplenty. Gin makes its way into a number of local drinks, but there are also plenty of options for those wine lovers looking for a perfect vintage to suit their particular tastes.

Menorca is an ideal destination for a peaceful, relaxing, and fun beach vacation in the Mediterranean. There are many hotels in Menorca to choose from located near the water or a bit inland to help make your vacation here exactly what you want it to be.

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