Mountains in Spain

Mountains in Spain are of particular interest for skiing, hiking, and easy walking. When looking at a topographical map, it is evident that a majority of Spain's land mass is dominated by mountain ranges in Spain. Across the country there are five major mountain ranges in Spain including Cordillera Cantabrica, Sistema Central, the Pyrenees, Sierra Morena, and Cordillera Subbetica. The highest mountain in Spain is located in the Canary Islands on Mount Tenerife while on the mainland it is Mulhacen near Granada at 11,420 feet high. Another of the main mountains in Spain are the Pyrenees, bordering France, where Pico de Aneto takes third place as the highest mountain in Spain at more than 11,169 feet high.

The rugged mountain terrain of the Canary Islands mingles with fertile fields and valleys creating some of the most beautiful scenery in Spain. The Balearic Islands are similar in composition and feature the same topographical highlights, one of the main attractions when visiting. The mountain ranges of Spain all present many unique natural attributes such as a wide diversity of vegetation not seen at lower altitudes, groves of stately oak trees along the foothills, and a large population of chestnut and beech trees.

Mountain tours are extremely popular during Spanish vacations and can be easily arranged through vacation packages or on their own. Biking and walking trips are popular throughout the Andalucia Sierra Nevada mountains in Spain and lodging is easily found dotting many of the ranges. From easy walking and hiking excursions and advanced level paths, every ability can enjoy a mountain holiday. For the more adventurous, top skiing destinations in Spain present an up-close look at the some of the highest mountain ranges in Spain.

The Pyrenees Mountains in Spain are a hotspot for tourism and there is a wide array of cottages, mountain villas, and hotels to choose between. Self-catering accommodation is popular, and is akin to renting a furnished home with many convenient amenities, but generally without additional services. Usually self-catering accommodation is offered with a weekly rate and can sometimes include rental transportation, bicycles, and other equipment. From simple mountain cottages to luxury homes, a wide variety of lodging is located in the mountains in Spain.

The Sierra Nevada is another of the famous mountain ranges in Spain with Granada, Almeria, and Malaga at its foothills. The Sierra Nevada is home to the highest mountain in Spain, called Mulhacen, where thousands of tourists set off on both summer and winter ascents. Ascents can be a few hours long, or continue for days. Activities on these mountains include easy walking, adventurous hiking, and skiing from December through May. Visitors who want to avoid high altitudes can enjoy trekking in the lower regions of the Sierra, through the valleys and foothills around Alpujarra where Spain’s famous White Villages are tucked into the landscape.

Mountain holidays are wonderful way to explore Spain’s most fascinating natural attribute. The fresh air can be a welcome change to the heat throughout Barcelona and Madrid during the summer months. A large variety of equipment can be rented for a mountain holiday including skis, hiking boots, hiking poles, harnesses, helmets, rain jackets, and much more. From relaxing bike trips through Basque Country in the Pyrenees to arduous skiing sessions on the Sierra Nevada, mountain ranges in Spain offer a host of fun pursuits, fantastic scenery, and sky-high accommodations.

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