Poniente Beach

Poniente Beach is a gorgeous stretch of coastline in the city of Benidorm, Spain. Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante, Spain, right on the western Mediterranean Sea. Playa de Poniente, as it is referred to by the natives, is not the only beach in Benidorm. It actually shares the city with Levante Beach. Benidorm is split into two halves: Poniente and Levante.

The climate in Poniente Beach is difficult to rival, even in the beautiful Mediterranean region. Because of the positioning of the town between high mountains, and the warm currents streaming off of the water, Poniente Beach is virtually in a year-round spring and summer.

Local Benidorm residents and tourists from around the world flock to these enviable beaches to sunbathe, wind surf, hang glide, and pretty much any other imaginable water sport or recreation. In the summer months, this can make this area crowded. It is a well-known fact that the surge in Benidorm’s population over the past 40 years has been due to the tourism industry, with countless hotels, restaurants, and clubs popping up, attempting to keep up with the flocks of people heading to Benidorm Beach to enjoy this Mediterranean paradise.

When deciding which Benidorm beach you might like to visit, take into consideration that Poniente Beach is widely considered to be less crowded, and the cleaner of the two beaches. Many of the people at Poniente Beach are residents of Benidorm. The water is relatively shallow, so, combined with the fact that the beach is less congested, Poniente Beach may be the better selection for families or those with small children.

Nightlife is a big draw for travelers heading to Playa de Poniente. This tourist hub in the Mediterranean unbelievably boasts over 1,000 restaurants, clubs, and bars. There is also no shortage of lodging in Benidorm Beach, from luxury beachfront resorts, to cheaper accommodations such as motels and apartment rentals. All of the beach destinations in Spain have their own distinctive appeal. In Marbella, it is the luxurious lodging, dining, and shopping. In Costa del Sol, the undisrupted natural beauty of the Andalucia beaches provide a tranquil haven for travelers looking for a peaceful Mediterranean retreat. When you head to Playa de Poniente, however, you’re likely going to take in the vibrant nightlife.

Poniente Beach is known for its club scene, which regularly hosts national and international DJ’s and bands. And clubs do not tend to close at the same time they do in the United States. Rather, many of these discos, as they are known to the local population, stay open until the early morning hours. The bar scene is also very popular here, as there are a range of appealing options, including themed bars that celebrate Spanish culture and serve local cuisine. And because Poniente Beach and Levante Beach are such tourist meccas, there tend to be more than enough options for lodging, whether you are looking for luxury beachfront accommodations, or cheap lodging near the water.

Of all the beaches in Spain, Playa de Poniente, although perhaps the most frequently visited, remains one of the more beautiful, and well-kept Spanish hotspots. Tourists enjoy the nearly year-round temperate climate in the warm sun and inviting surf of the Mediterranean Sea.

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