Salvador Dali Museum in Spain

The Salvador Dali Museum in Spain, established in Figueres in 1974, is largest extant collection of the famous artist’s works. The famous artist was born and raised in this city in Catalonia, and he is buried there as well. Visitors can access the museum throughout the year at varied times for each season with a general admission fee. After experiencing the various unique exhibitions at the Museo Salvador Dali Figueres, travelers can choose from a number of activities, including tours of Catalonia, featuring a Dali theme, leading to an exceptional vacation in Spain.

Salvador Dali, born in Figueres Spain, was one of the leading surreal artists in the world. At the age of 20, he became internationally known for three of his paintings. The Persistence of Memory, featuring melting watches amid an eerily deserted backdrop, is among his most famous paintings completed during his surrealist period. When the artist was still quite young, his first public exhibition was on display at the local theater, which was later bombed and all but completely destroyed during the Spanish Civil War; it remained so until Dali, himself, took the initiative to collaborate with the mayor to bring the structure back to its former splendor, in addition to a handful of other buildings and courtyards, as a museum dedicated to his work.

The entire construction of the Salvador Dali Museum in Spain is a surrealist piece of art, showcasing several chambers of his personal décor, such as the Wind Palace Room, the Monument to Francesc Pujols, the Rainy Cadillac, and the Mae West Room. Among the many displays at the museum, Dali’s crypt contains the remains of the famed artist.

The Dali Museum in Spain features a number of exhibitions, which includes a number of highlighted artists, but the majority of this attraction is dominated by Salvador Dali’s works, and the works on hand cover the duration of his entire career. The unique experience of a night visitation to the Museo Salvador Dali Figueres is also available during the month of August each year from 10 pm to 1 am. Daily operational hours vary throughout the year; during the winter, from November through February, hours are from 10:30 am to 6 pm, from 9:30 am to 6 pm in the spring and in the month of October, and 9 am to 8 pm throughout the summer. The museum is closed on major holidays and on Mondays from October through May.

Admission to the Salvador Dali Museum in Spain is relatively inexpensive, and there are discounts available for senior citizens, students, and individuals who are unemployed. Groups of more than 25 people will also qualify for an additional discount. After touring the displays at the Museo Salvador Dali Figueres, visitors can take advantage of a number of Dali-themed tours of the territory of Catalonia for an additionally exceptional holiday in this Spanish region.

Whether you travel to the area for the beautiful landscape or strictly for the bizarre displays of Salvador Dali’s art, paying a visit to the Dali Museum in Spain is certainly worth the singular experience of the curious works of the famous artist. Figueres is about a 90-minute drive from Barcelona, and it’s easy to reach for a day trip via rental car or public transportation. If you’re visiting Perpignan France, you can also drive 45 minutes south to reach Figueres and add Spain to your vacation itinerary.

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