San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian Spain is the capital Gipuzkoa Province of the Basque Country. The city is specifically situated in the very northern portion of the Basque Country on the Bay of Biscay. The city is a fabulously picturesque resort destination because of its lovely position on the sea. The Basque Country of Spain is also filled with beautiful, hilly country that is easily accessible from San Sebastian. The city is a vibrant one of around 400,000 people. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy everything from breathtaking beaches to fine dining and high-end shopping at designer boutiques. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this city in Spain.

San Sebastian prides itself on being a center for culture in Spain and reinforces this tag by celebrating a wide range of annual events and festivities. They range in subject matter from religious celebrations to music festivals. One notable event, Sebastian’s Jazz Festival/Jazzaldia, has the distinction of being the longest running festival of its kind on continental Europe. The San Sebastian International Film Festival and Musika Hamabostaldia (a classical music gathering) are two more alluring engagements that happen during the busy tourist months of the summer in this seaside city. If you are traveling in the latter part of the summer, specifically the first week of September, you may be lucky enough to catch Basque Week, a celebration of all things related to Basque culture, including games, food, contests, music, and much more.

One of the most alluring things about San Sebastian is the manner in which the city is laid out. It is divided into a variety of districts that are quite distinct from one another. You may find trendy, independent clothing boutiques in one place, while there are centuries-old cathedrals and landmarks in another. This is one of the magical things about this city. There is a surprise around virtually every corner.

Parte Vieja is the old section of town that was surrounded by walls until the 1860s. The main sights of interest in this quarter include two extremely impressive churches (Santa Maria and San Vicente) as well as the gorgeous houses tucked into the foot of Mount Urgull. There is also a relatively tiny port for recreational activities including swimming and fishing. Other districts (which are too many to name) well worth exploring include Egia, Gros, Altza, and Ibaeta. Many of these places offer beautiful guest accommodations. There are many types from which to choose, including five star resorts and hotels in San Sebastian, as well as boutique hotels and budget accommodations.

The gastronomic experience is not something you want to miss out on when you visit the Basque Country either. You know that you are going to enjoy the beaches and the culture of the city, but what you may not know is that you are in for an absolute treat when it comes to dining and drinking. Locally grown and made wine, cheeses, produce, and traditional dishes abound at a wide selection of restaurants. Many of them overlook the sea and the impressive grassy mountains of San Sebastian. Others are tucked into the interior hills and offer visitors insight into how people have lived, eaten, and enjoyed life in the region for hundreds of years.

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