Things to do in Seville

The beautiful Spanish city of Seville is located in the southern part of the country, in the region of Andalusia. This is a city that has a diverse history, and many of the things to do in Seville revolve the past, including a number of battles and invasions, and the incoming vacationer has an abundance of Seville attractions to choose from. When selecting the tourist attractions in Seville to include on your visit, you may wish to consider some of the following, which make their way onto just about any suggested itinerary of activities in Seville.

The Alcazar

This magnificent citadel dates back to the eighth century, when it began life as a set of barracks for the Roman army. Since then, it has at various stages been the home to a harem of 800 women, a stronghold for Spanish Muslims, and the official residency of various kings and queens of Spain. One of the most fascinating things to do in Seville is to simply walk around this atmospheric and predominantly Moorish piece of architecture and soak up its history.

Museo de Bellas Arts

In truth, the Museo de Bellas Arts would be among the most memorable Seville attractions even if it were devoid of any art whatsoever, as it is housed in one of the most beautiful examples of architecture you’ll see in the city. Nonetheless, there is a great collection of art; Velazquez, Ribera, and Murillo all feature heavily.


The traditional Spanish dance of Flamenco originates from this part of the country, and, as such, one of the favorite tourist attractions in Seville is to visit one of the city’s many flamenco joints. Very atmospheric, they provide fascinating insight into the region’s culture. Popular things to do in Seville also include taking flamenco classes, which can often be arranged from your Seville hotel.

The Alfafa

The Alfafa is a marvelously evocative district of Seville. Although the Alfalfa is less ornate than the touristy Barrio Santa Cruz, walking around it has to be one of the top Seville attractions as it offers a glimpse into daily life in the city. What’s more, some of Seville’s best dining options—particularly wonderful tapas bars—are to be found here.

Alameda de Hercules

Spanish nightlife is known for its all-out vigor, and Seville is no different. Of the things to do in Seville at night, one of the best Seville attractions is the Alameda de Hercules, a long, dusty boulevard lined with numerous trendy yet relaxed cafes and bars.

Feria de Abril

Of the events and holidays that take place across Spain throughout the year, the Feria de Abril (April Fair) in Seville is one of the headlining acts. Celebrating Easter Holy Week, its heady mixture of events, traditional costumes, and massive amounts of beer make it one of the very best tourist attractions in Seville.



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