Spain Transportation

As you would expect with a country size of Spain, travel around the country is an important concern for any tourist. Rest assured car rental in spain is hassle-free and allows for an independent travel itinerary. In addition to a well developed highway system, trains in Spain range from the super fast AVE to the meandering regionales offer a scenic way to view the countryside.

Though more expensive due to petrol prices, care rental in Spain allows the intrepid tourist to move about the Spanish countryside at his/her own pace. Car rental in Malaga, for instance, is one option that will allow you to travel up and down the Costa del Sol in search of the best beaches. Car rental in Malaga varies from hole-in-the-wall, local companies, who may offer better prices, but questionable automobiles, to international companies like Hertz, Avis and Europcar

If you are wary of car rentals in Spain, an easy way to tour the countryside and visit Spain is via the public bus system. Though quality varies, and services are drastically reduced on weekends, busses provide a reliable and comfortable way to see some of the villages not accessible by the regular trains in Spain. One thing to remember is that some towns and villages don't have a main bus terminal, so busses can leave from many destinations.

If rental cars in Spain scare you, and busses are too slow, the state-run train system, Renfe, is a modern and efficient way to move around the country. Trains in Spain almost always require reservations, and unlike other European countries, passengers are often not allowed onto their specific departure platform without first presenting a ticket. Between the super-fast (and expensive) AVE, and the puttering regionales, tourists will find a perfect mixture of comfort and speed on the Talgo and Trenhotel.

Americans or Canadians who are planning to visit Spain for more than a week can purchase a North American Spain Flexipass. Available in both first and second class versions, these passes allow for between three and ten days of rail travel in any two month period.



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