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Villas in Spain are a worthy option when planning vacations. Though the word villa does have an opulent connotation attached, there are many meanings to the word. When most people consider a villa rental in Spain, they think: big ticket item! Yet this isn’t necessarily so. Sure, luxury villas in Spain can cost a quite a bit, but so can any lavish vacation rentals almost anywhere in the world. Consider the many villas in Spain, their price, and what they have to offer before discounting the idea. They can often be cheap than Spain hotels. Take a closer look at villas through the Internet, talk to a trusted travel agent, or even a friend who may have traveled to Spain, for some insight on Spanish villas.

Vacations to Spain can be planned in a large variety of themes and take place in several distinct areas. For instance, if wine is your weakness, La Rioja region in the north might be the perfect place for a villa rental in Spain. Enjoy relaxing days exploring mountains, rivers, and valleys, take tours of famous Spain wineries, sip on rich glasses of famous Rioja wine, and settle in to your own private villa for comfortable evenings. To the east, in Costa Brava, there are countless options for a villa rental in Spain. Many are situated adjacent to and near popular Spain beaches. Day trips to Barcelona offer a taste of city fun and outings to Sitges present many more beach options and attractions.

Andalucia, Spain’s renowned southern area, reveals some of the best of Spain’s golf courses, many historic castles, and easy access to Seville, the Seville Cathedral, and Granada. Luxury villas in Spain throughout Andalucia feature numerous lavish amenities such as large, outdoor swimming pools, cozy fireplaces, well-equipped gourmet kitchens, and plenty of other modern conveniences. Popular luxury villas in Spain in this region are located in sweeping country sides and beautiful rural settings.

The Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol regions are two more fantastic regions for a villa rental in Spain near celebrated Spain beaches. Luxury villa rentals in Spain in these coastal regions often include a car to make transportation easily accessible. Some high end villas in Spain also offer access to a boat and even a spot in a nearby marina, creating opportunities for snorkeling, diving, and fishing. For more exotic vacations, a villa rental in Spain on either the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands are both worth strong consideration.

There are many things to consider before looking at choices of villas in Spain. Budget is a major factor, and since many Spanish villas are situated outside of major city centers, transportation is an extra cost incurred. Some tourists prefer a large array of amenities while others require only a few. A cheap holiday villa in Spain can be found by seeking out private rentals without a long list of amenities. A seaside villa will cost quite a bit more than one even a few minutes from the coast. Household equipment such as washers and dryers, computers with Internet access, cleaning services, and a large number of bedrooms will add up in the end. All of these conveniences are generally part and parcel when renting luxury villas in Spain.

When exploring options for a villa rental in Spain, always ask for as many photos as possible, inquire about a map showing the specific location and surrounding area, and look at a corresponding floor plan. The more information obtained, the better. It’s also a good idea to inquire about additional fees and/or taxes that could include cleaning services, car rental, land maintenance fees, and more. Also be certain that there is access to a nearby town or village for amenities if renting in a rural area. Though the list of questions to ask might seem dizzying, the more information received means making the best informed decision before investing in a villa rental in Spain.

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Regions of Spain

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