Spain When To Go

The varied climate, abundance of mountains, and the mild Mediterranean coast and subtropical Andalucia region mean that there is never really a bad season to visit Spain. Travel to Spain, however, is best undertaken in spring and autumn. Spring is the main festival season and a visit to Spain in April means a trip to Seville for Semana Santa (holy week) followed by the Feria de Abril (April Fair). In March, the city of Valencia explodes with pyrotechnics for the Las Fallas festival. In June is the most famous of Spanish festivals, the running of the bulls, otherwise known as the Fiestas de San Fermin, in Pamplona. While if you travel to Spain in October, you can enjoy harvest season in the colorful wine regions. From October to May cheap flights to Spain are readily available.

The prime summer months of July and August constitute Spain's tourist season. Spain is the number one destination for European tourists, and the majority of them visit Spain in the summer months. If you do travel to Spain during the height of the summer, and want to avoid the crowded Costa del Sol, head north to the beaches of Catalunya near Barcelona, or to the Atlantic Ocean off Spain's northern coast. During July and August cheap flights to Spain are harder to come by, and the savvy traveler will book their tickets to Spain well in advance.

During July and August temperatures climb as high as 100 degrees, and inland cities like Madrid empty out as locals and tourists head for the coastal areas. During these months Spain sightseeing is reduced to relaxing with a cold drink at a sidewalk café. On the other hand, with Madrid less crowded, the summer months are a good time to plan an artistic trip to Spain and spend your days touring the air-conditioned Guggenheim, Prado, or Picasso Museums.

The winter months provide a respite from the crowds, and are an ideal time to take a quieter trip to Spain. The winter climate ranges from bitterly cold in the north and central regions to a balmy 70 degrees on the Costa del Sol. Though snowfall is infrequent in much of Spain, skiers will find a trip to Spain thrilling if they head to the northern Pyrenees Mountains bordering France, or to the southern Sierra Nevada range outside of Granada in the south. In the Sierra Nevada it is possible to ski in the morning and then hit the beaches near Malaga for an afternoon swim.

In Spain sightseeing is a year round affair, the trick is to know what type of vacation experience you're after. Whether it's racing down an alpine slope in the Pyrenees, running with the bulls in Pamplona, or exploring wine country sip by sip, the best plan is to pick your season and then pick your pleasure.

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