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Cheap airfares to Sweden from North America and Europe are easiest to locate during the winter. Travelers can find competitive prices on flights to Scandinavia during the summer if they are willing to fly during the middle of the week or on off-hours (such as the middle of the night). A number of Scandinavian airlines operate with service to Sweden.

The two major airlines with service from North America for a flight to Stockholm are SAS and American Airlines. A flight to Stockholm via one of these two airlines will be the most efficient and usually most cost-effective way to get a flight to Stockholm from the United States. Both airlines will fly directly into the Stockholm airport. If you are looking for cheap airfares to Sweden via these two airlines, be sure to search times during the middle of the night or even red-eye flight services.

Extremely cheap airfares to Sweden from Chicago are available during the winter. Omitting the Christmas season, interested travelers can find a roundtrip flight to Stockholm for less than $600. Although Sweden is quite cold in the winter, there are still some great attractions, such as the winter festival at Liseberg Park and of course the ever-popular Ice Hotel. If you are flying from the west coast in North America from a city such as Seattle, you may find the best deal on a ticket by flying first into Copenhagen and then transferring to Scandinavian airlines to get to Stockholm. Once you’ve made it to the Stockholm airport, there are a number of Scandinavian airlines that can take you to some of the other locations in Scandinavia. Flights from Stockholm to Malmo and Gothenburg are both possible from the Stockholm airport.

If you are traveling to Stockholm from the United Kingdom, you may find that flights are incredibly expensive; often more expensive, in fact, than flights from North America to Stockholm. The best way to find a good deal on tickets from the United Kingdom to Stockholm is by keeping a watchful eye on airfare costs and buying when the prices are lowest or a sale is happening. One convenient way to do this is by contacting a travel agent, who may have additional information about upcoming sales or discounts on tickets from the United Kingdom to Stockholm.

Once you have reached the Stockholm airport, you will have many options for moving on from there. If you are staying in Stockholm, as many travelers do, you might consider renting a car if your Stockholm hotel doesn’t have a shuttle service to pick you up or drop you off at the airport from the hotel. There is also great bus and train service in Stockholm, and you can leave the Stockholm airport in this way as well.



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