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If you plan to travel to Scandinavia for more than a few days, chances are you can benefit from cell phone rentals in Sweden or a calling card for calling Sweden from within the country or without. If you are in the United States and know someone living in Sweden or traveling in Sweden, a USA to Sweden calling card is way of calling Sweden without racking up an enormous long-distance phone bill from your home landline.

USA to Sweden calling cards are pre-paid cards that offer a flat rate for minutes spent talking on the phone. Usually, you will get a better rate-per-minute on your USA to Sweden calling card if you purchase more minutes at one time. Calling Sweden with the use of a calling card will simply involve using the cheap call Sweden card to dial a toll-free number, which will then prompt you to enter your calling card information. If you know someone traveling or living in Sweden, a calling card is a must for staying in touch, and the best way to make a cheap call Sweden.

If, instead of calling Sweden, you will be the party traveling or living in Sweden, making a cheap call Sweden with a calling card may not be your best option. A calling card is great for travelers who only plan to make a few international calls from Sweden, or who do not plan to travel extensively in the country.

For those travelers who may need to make many calls, or may be making a more permanent or extended trip to Sweden, cell phone rentals in Sweden will be the most convenient and, often the most cost-effective. Depending on whether or not you are already in possession of a cell phone for use at home, there are a few different options for cell phone rentals in Sweden.

Some companies that service the United States already have international companies, as well, and some even have their headquarters in Europe. If you already have a cell phone company, check with your carrier to see what, if any, your international options are. You may find that switching your cell phone over to an international plan is as easy as replacing the SIM card in your phone and negotiating an international rate for your minutes. You may need a new cell phone, as well, and you may not.

You may get the best deal on cell phone rentals in Sweden by renting a phone from a company in Sweden. With this plan, you will be required to rent a phone for a set amount of time, and set up an international plan. If you think you will make future trips to Sweden or Europe, you may consider purchasing a phone to keep and use in the future rather than renting.

Since most individual bed and breakfasts in Stockholm and throughout Sweden only have a few rooms, usually nine or ten at the most, it is a good idea to book your stay well in advance. While it is also possible to book a stay at an apartment or condo or other kind of vacation rental, the advantage of a bed and breakfast is often that travelers can get some good advice from the local bed and breakfast owner about area attractions. To book a stay, you can try booking online, or for bed and breakfasts that do not have online reservations, you can call ahead.

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