Baltic Cruises

A number of Baltic cruises and cruises to Sweden and Norway can be booked in the winter and the summer. Baltic cruises generally move through the Baltic Sea, and often these cruises will have spectacular views of the Northern Lights. Cruises to Scandinavia are available from most European countries (with access to the ocean) and from countries in North America.

Cruises to Scandinavia during the winter months are rare. Freezing temperatures make cruises this far north a bit of an anomaly. There are a few, however, and one of the most popular includes a cruise to see the Northern Lights and celebrate the return of the sun with the winter solstice. These Baltic cruises not only offer travelers a chance to see the lights, but you can enjoy a solstice festival in one of the towns near or in the Artic Circle. For these northern areas which spend half of the year with little or no sunshine, the return of the glowing orb solicits a great amount of celebrating and, in some areas, dog sled races that can be a ton of fun.

Far more popular than cruises to Scandinavia in the winter, however, are Scandinavian cruises in the spring and summer months. One reason some travelers choose Scandinavian cruises over staying in hotels in Scandinavia is the expense. With the right deal, Scandinavian cruises can be less expensive than the cost of eating out and staying in hotels. All cruises to Sweden and Norway are all-inclusive, so food and overnight accommodation will always be included in the cost of your trip.

While most cruise lines run cruises to Sweden and Norway from May until September, travelers should note that July and August are by far the busiest months for cruise travel to Scandinavia. As such, cruise packages during this time will be more expensive. A few of the most popular itineraries for cruises to Scandinavia are shown below.

Celebrity Cruises runs a cruise throughout the summer beginning in Dover and cruising to key locations in northern Europe, including Scandinavia.

Oceana Cruises start in mid-Jun, and runs a series of cruises lasting 29 days that travel to Northern Europe, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Various cruise itineraries cruise to the Norwegian Fjords or the Baltic states.

Norwegian Coastal Voyage cruise lines head, as the name suggests, to Norway. This cruise line also offers smaller ferry trips around the islands of Norway during the trip for interested patrons.

Holland America combines cruises to Amsterdam and Rotterdam with stops in Norway and Sweden. The cruise line has three ships that make summer trips during the months of June, July and August only.

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