Stockholm Restaurants

Stockholm restaurants are numerous, with more than 1,500 found within the city limits alone. Restaurants Stockholm are not only ubiquitous, but are also becoming some of the most celebrated places to eat in all of Europe. Although Stockholm restaurants do tend toward the expensive side, it is also possible to find food in the city for lower prices by ordering lightly and trying out the many delis in Stockholm. Travelers should note that Stockholm restaurants will typically add a 12% service charge to your bill to cover the tip, as well as a 21% service tax, so tipping extra is not necessary.

For families, there are some great restaurants Stockholm to choose from. Solliden, a group of restaurants set near the Skansen compound is a great place for families or groups who may want to try various foods or restaurants. Multiple restaurants Stockholm are found in one close location, and facilities for eating are all located there as well. The Lisa Elmquist is perhaps the best restaurant Stockholm offers to families. This small eatery is located in the produce market outdoors in Stockholm, and families can eat under a tent for some extra fun.

There are also some good places to eat for travelers on a budget, including the Stockholm Bar and Restaurant, which serves mainly Swedish food, as well as the Ortagarden and the Café Bla Porten, all located in Stockholm. All of these restaurants offer reasonably priced food during the day for lunch and in the evening for dinner.

If you are looking to truly experience some of the best restaurants that Stockholm has to offer, you can start by trying the Stadshuskallaren. This famous eatery is perhaps the best restaurant Sweden offers serving traditional Swedish food. This is also the restaurant that prepares the dinner for the Nobel Prize nominees each year, and patrons of the restaurant will be able to sample items from Nobel menus. If you want to try some succulent French food while you are in Europe, you can also head to the best restaurant in Sweden for it, the Operakallaren. This is considered to be one of the most luxurious places to eat in Stockholm, and you’ll know it from the moment you walk in the door. The décor is upstaged only by the food, which is a combination of French and Swedish dishes. The restaurant also has a cigar room.

Whether you plan to eat simply in Stockholm or go all out, there are a nice range of choices in the city and throughout Sweden. Do remember that you won’t need to tip; at almost all restaurants the tip is already factored in.

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