Djurgardsfarjan Ferry

Many travelers making their way to Sweden and Stockholm plan to take ferries to Stockholm, or take a Stockholm ferry to get around once they arrive. Stockholm travel via the ferry system is fairly inexpensive, and patrons can use ferries to travel around the islands of Sweden or take ferries to Stockholm from other countries.

A number of small ferry boats, known as the djurgardsfarjan ferries, make trips throughout the island of Sweden and Stockholm. Thanks to the fact that Stockholm has easy access to a host of lake and small waterways, taking a Stockholm ferry to visit one of the area’s many attractions is a fun way to get around or a nice break from walking. The djurgardsfarjan ferry connects the Royal Garden and Tivoli park area with the areas known as Slussen and Nybroplan. Travelers often use the Stockholm ferry system as a convenient walking break while visiting other locations, including Skeppsholmen Island, the Vasa Museum, Liseberg and the Avenyn.

Travelers can also use the Stockholm ferry system to book passage to and from Stockholm and other locations. Ferries to Stockholm area available from Helsinki, Langnas, Mariehamn, Turku, and other island ports off the shore of Stockholm. Stockholm travel to other countries can also be enjoyed. Frequent ferry lines make daily trips from Stockholm to Helinski in Finland, Saint Petersburg in Russia and Estonia and Latvia.

You can also enjoy Stockholm travel by taking a longer ferry trip from Denmark or even England. From Denmark, find the Scandlines in Copenhagen and book your trip on the ferry, which makes trips about every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. The trip will take you about 30 minutes, and along the way you can enjoy the sites of the water and land to either side of you. From England, you can take ferries to Stockholm from one of two ports; Harwich and Newcastle. If you do choose to travel to Stockholm from England on the ferry, be prepared for a long ride. Trips take between 23 and 27 hours, depending on weather and other factors. You can drive onto the ferry with your car, or for a cheaper fare you may also simply walk on. Be sure to book in advance for a better rate than you will find when buying your ticket in person at the ferry office.

You can take a ferry ride from Stockholm to some of the other surrounding countries, or you can use the djurgardsfarjan ferry to make your way around the city of Stockholm itself. Both options tend to be inexpensive, enjoyable ways to make your way around Scandinavia.

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