Evert Taubes Statue

Evert Taube was a Swedish musical composer, author and composer who was born in 1890 and lived until 1976, living most of his life in Stockholm, Sweden. Evert Taube was one of the most beloved figures in Swedish literature, and is responsible for many important works, including a famous anti-war poem, Malaren och Maria Pia and the environmentally minded, Anglamark.

During his lifetime, Evert Taube also composed a fair amount of music. He became enthralled with Latin American music and brought the Argentinean tango to Sweden in the 1920’s. Evert also received the Bellman Award from the Swedish Academy in 1950 on his 60th birthday, and ten years later received and honorary doctorate from Gothenburg University in Sweden, and was later elected to be a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in 1970. Evert married the love of his life, Astri Linnea Mathilda Bergman in 1925, and together they had three children; Per-Evert, Eliinor, and Sven-Bertil, who went on to become a famous singer and actor in his own right.

In Stockholm, on Jarntorget Street, travelers interested in Stockholm tourism can see a statue of Evert Taube. The statue, which shows Evert carrying a newspaper under his arm with his coat draped over his shoulders and a pair of sunglasses pushed up onto his forehead, continues to be popular among Stockholm sightseeing and Stockholm tourism.

A trip down Jarntorget Street is a popular part of many Stockholm tourism walking tours of the city of Stockholm. Nearby Stockholm sightseeing can also include a stroll down Vasterlanggatan Street, which is completely overrun by pedestrians and a great place to enjoy shopping for gifts and souvenirs to take home to friends and family who weren’t lucky enough to join you on your trip to Sweden.

A trip to see the Evert Taube statue is a great part of Stockholm sightseeing, and while you are in the city there are some other great attractions that shouldn’t be missed. The Liseberg theme park the best place in all of Sweden to ride a roller coaster in the summer or enjoy a winter holiday festival in the winter, and a trip on a Djurgardsfarjan ferry to check out the Royal Gardens in Stockholm can also be a lot of fun. Nearby islands such as Skeppsholmen Island even have attractions of their own, such as the Vasa Museum.

If you are interested in learning more about the works of Evert Taube, you can also find his poems throughout the city of Stockholm in libraries and bookstores. His work is widely translated into English and is easily accessible even for foreign visitors.



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