Sweden Golf Resorts

Golf resorts Sweden are not only numerous, but are among some of the nicest in Europe. A mixture of private, members-only clubs can be found among the golf resorts in Scandinavia, along with plenty of course who love to have travelers play the greens. Thanks to their ubiquitous nature, there should be golf resorts Sweden close to just about anywhere you stay in the country. There are just over 400 golf resorts Sweden found throughout the country.

One Sweden’s claims to fame it its status as having the world’s northernmost golf course. Officially known as the Arctic Golf Course, the northernmost golf course can be found within the Arctic Circle near the town of Kvarnbacksvagen. The golf course has just 9 holes, and is set mostly among tundra soil, but for travelers looking for bragging rights it offers a rare opportunity. The Arctic Golf course is open from the middle of June through the middle of August, and thanks to the sun shining almost 24 hours a day during these summer months, the course is open 24-hours a day to golfers.

The town of Bastad is another excellent region for Sweden golf vacations, if for no other reason than because of the high number of great courses (there are 5) located near the town. Three of these courses ask that players be year-long members of the clubs, but two will accept players who are interested in short term Sweden golf vacations. These are the Bastad Golf Club and the Bjare Golf Club, and both are full 18-hole golf courses. Both charge green fees, as well, and both have pro-shops with equipment rental.

If you are planning Sweden golf vacations for the near future, you should note that some of Sweden’s courses require that you be an established member of their golf club in order to play. This is not the case with all golf resorts in Scandinavia, however, and even some of the somewhat exclusive clubs will grant visitors temporary golf resort memberships. Although there is no membership that will extend to all such golf courses, golf resorts in Scandinavia are hardly ever crowded, and it should be no trouble finding a course to play.

Due to the harsh winters, summer is the best season for Sweden golf vacations, both in the lower country of Sweden and in the Laplands. It has been reported that in the Laplands and in many parts of northern Sweden, summer is also a busy time for mosquitoes, who love the golf courses, and love the people playing on them even more. Be sure to bring some mosquito repellent if you plan to play during the summer, particularly in the late summer.

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