Swedish Lapland is an area in northern Europe that is a complete wilderness, covering a space of 3,600 square miles, with one-quarter of this space located north of the Artic Circle. Lapland is a wilderness almost completely untouched, and certainly untouched by the modern world. The Sami people currently inhabit the area, and interested travelers can take Lapland tours of the many species of animals and fascinating landscape that characterize this place.

Like the medieval town of Visby, Lapland is currently listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Glaciers, waterfalls, forests, swamplands, lakes and mountains are just a few of the incredible geographical features that make up Lapland. Brown bears and other rare and interesting flora and fauna can also be found here, and are one reason for the popularity of Lapland tours.

Lapland tours can be arranged through a few tour companies. Travelers who schedule a tour can reach Lapland via an electric train that runs from Stockholm, Sweden, into Lapland. Stops within Lapland include Narvik in Norway, as well as Kiruna and Abisko in Sweden. If speed is of the essence, an express train takes travelers straight from Stockholm Sweden to the furthest northern point on the train route, Nordpilen in the Artic Circle. From here, you can take a bus to other locations for Lapland tours or other activities.

Perhaps the most popular reason for non-natives to visit Lapland is for the great Lapland holidays. By far the most popular of Lapland holidays is the Solstice celebration. Among Lapland holidays, this is the only holiday which celebrates the return of the sun after a long, sunless winter. The northern lights are also an appealing attraction.

Yet another reason to visit Lapland is for the interesting Lapland hotels. Although there are a number of great Lapland hotels, by far the most intriguing is the Ice Hotel. First constructed in the 1980’s, this Lapland hotel is made, and remade each winter, entirely of ice. Not only can guests stay at the hotel; they can also enjoy a sauna, a theatre, a reception hall and chapel which is often used for weddings and baptisms. The hotel melts each spring, and plans for the following year are once again made.

Other fun activities in Lapland include snowmobiling, dogsled rides, cross-country skiing and more. Toughened travelers can explore the forests and glaciers with the help of a Lapland tour guide or Lapland tour company. This incredible section of the world is unlike any place else.

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