Liseberg Park is one of the best Sweden Amusement Parks in the country, and one of the most popular theme parks in Sweden. The Liseberg is known for having one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world, and is often voted one of the ten best amusement parks in the world by Forbes magazine. Located in the city of Gothenburg, Liseberg Park is one of the best Sweden Amusement Parks for family fun.

First opened in 1923, Liseberg is the oldest of Sweden Amusement parks in the country. Open for more than 75 years, this is the most visited of all theme parks in Sweden and is considered by many to be the top attraction in Scandinavia. The Liseberg is open all year long, although the rides do not operate in the winter. Instead, a winter holiday theme can be enjoyed during the winter months, with candied nuts and mulled wine for sale and real reindeer making an appearance near the ice skating rink, which is also open to the public during the winter season.

The rest of the year the Liseberg Park is open to patrons looking for either quaint family fun or wild rides on a selection of roller coasters. Patrons looking for a thrill ride at theme parks in Sweden need look no further than the HangOver ride at the Liseberg. Hop on and you’ll be shot almost 200 feet into the air, where for a moment you can experience total weightlessness before plunging back toward the ground. This is considered to be the most incredible rollercoaster ride in all of Europe. Other rides include the Kallerado, which takes guests down a rapid river journey, as well as the Gasten Ghost Hotel, which is a haunted hotel ride.

In addition to these treacherous thrill rides, the Liseberg is also home to an excellent section for families with younger children. A children’s roller coaster is found close to a playground meant for young children, as well as the Liseberg Rabbit House where the official rabbits of Liseberg can be visited. Small children will also enjoy the Fairy Tale Castle where they can see live versions of their favorite storybook and Viking characters, as well as hop on the Dragon Boat ride.

In addition to all of the exciting activity, Liseberg Park is also a great place to have lunch or dinner. A collection of fast-food eateries is located in the park, as well as 10 full-service restaurants where visitors can get anything from pasta to seafood and more. Even if you don’t visit the park for the rides, you can stop by like many of the Gothenburg locals just to get a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

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