Stockholm Night Life

The city of Stockholm is home to many interesting Stockholm bars, as well as great theatre and opera performances, and plenty of things to do and see at night. The Stockholm Ice bar is one of the liveliest places to find fun Stockholm night life, with the Operan showcases the Royal Swedish Opera as well as a host of plays.

The Stockholm Ice Bar, though relatively new on the Stockholm night life scene, is one of the most popular Stockholm bars for travelers and many locals. First opened in 2001, the Stockholm Ice Bar is found within the Nordic Sea Hotel and is kept at -5 degrees Celsius all year long. The reason for the cool temperatures is to keep the ice in the interior of the bar from melting. The Ice Bar’s décor is made up entirely of ice, including furniture, interior fittings, and even the glasses used to serve drinks. Since the Ice Bar is so incredibly cold all year long, you will want to be sure to dress warmly if you head to the Ice Bar for a drink.

In addition to the Swedish bars, there are also some great opportunities in Stockholm to see a play or an opera. The Operan, first founded in 1773, is the home of the Royal Swedish Opera. The building itself dates to the year 1898, and theater performances all held from September until May each year, with most shows beginning at 7:30 pm. Tickets may be purchased at the box office.

Although the shows are only ever presented in Swedish, the Kungliga Dramatiska Teatern (the Royal Dramatic Theatre) is the place to go to see the best of Swedish play-acting and a great choice for Stockholm night life. Not only is this the stage where the beloved Greta Garbo got her start, but Ingmar Bergman famously stages two productions a year hear at the Royal Dramatic Theater. Performances take place all year long, with fewer shows being produced and shown in the month of July.

There are also some great jazz clubs, bars and pubs to be enjoyed in the city of Stockholm. Stockholm bars stay open until 3 and sometimes 4 in the morning, so party animals should have no trouble finding a place to enjoy themselves into the wee hours of the morning. If the idea of an ice bar is less than appealing, you might try the Sturehof, one of the oldest pubs in Stockholm that is still operational. Dating to the year 1897, the pub also features a solid pub food menu and a nice long list of tasty local and imported beers.

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