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There are a number of great ways to enjoy Scandinavia travels, from organized or escorted Scandinavia tours, to cruises to Scandinavia and more. The Swedish Laplands are one of the last true wildernesses left on the planet, and Scandinavia travels into the Artic Circle can be a wild adventure. Baltic and other types of cruises to Scandinavia can showcase the northern lights, and a trip to Stockholm can be a great way to wrap up your trip with some modern comfort.

Baltic cruises to Scandinavia are one famously popular way to travel to Scandinavia. Most Scandinavia tours of this kind make stops at the port of Kalmar on the Baltic Sea, as well as the island of Oland. Popular Scandinavia tours of this kind include a cruise trip known as the “Kingdom of Crystal”. This cruise takes travelers through the Baltic sea to the ports mentioned above, with stops in glass factories along the way (some of the world’s best) like Kosta Boda and Orrefors, which ship precious glass figures to shops throughout Scandinavia and the world.

For adventure lovers, Scandinavian tours can also happen almost completely outdoors. Not only is skiing a popular adventure activity in Scandinavia, but the area is also well known for hiking, biking, backpacking and sea-kayaking. If you want to plan your own adventure tour, be sure you are well-educated before you go regarding the rough terrain and drastic weather. If this sounds a bit daunting, try booking your Scandinavian tours with an adventure company, such as Borton Overseas or Backroad Travel in Sweden. Companies such as these can plan entire adventure trips for a traveler catered to your specifications. You can even get a guide to accompany on your backpacking adventure, if you like.

Scandinavia travels through the archipelago near the city of Stockholm also offer endless opportunity for Scandinavian tours of many kinds. Not only are these islands one of the last untouched areas of nature to enjoy, but with the right equipment and education you can enjoy them without leaving harmful marks from your journey. Scandinavian tours of the Laplands or archipelago can be organized through many tour companies, often depending on what you would like to see and do. You can have a guide take you ice-skating on a frozen lake, hiking through gorgeous snow-capped trees, or even boating in warmer weather. In these northern islands, it is strongly recommended that you enjoy these activities through a professional company or with a guide. Conditions change frequently and can become dangerous.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Laplands, the Artic Circle, or any of the other environments located in Scandinavia can even organize a learning adventure. The University of New Hampshire, as well as a number of nature conservatories and environmentally minded companies offer vacations that combine learning and travel.



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