Skeppsholmen Island

The island of Skeppsholmen is connected to the rest of Sweden via bridges that can be traversed by car. Skeppsholmen Island is one of many great Sweden attractions, and is actually part of the city of Stockholm, Sweden. To reach Skeppsholmen Island, travelers must cross the Skeppsholmsbron Bridge. Once across, most travelers are surprised to find that Skeppsholmen Island is very different from the urban center of Stockholm.

As an island in Sweden that must be reached by crossing a bridge, tourists will often find that Skeppsholmen is a quiet retreat when compared to the busy city of Stockholm. Although Skeppsholmen may be located away from the city, there are still some great Sweden attractions to be found in this Stockholm neighborhood. One of the most popular Sweden attractions on the island is the Moderna Museet.

The Moderna Museet, known as the Museum of Modern Art in English, features a host of modern works by some of Sweden’s best artists. There are also a number of famous works by international artists, including Picasso, Braque and Matisse. Travels visiting the Moderna Museet on this island in Sweden can also take part in museum activities, including a children’s workshop, periodic films and occasional theatre. If you plan to tour the museum you can also make plans to eat there, as the museum has both a café and pub for patrons.

In addition to the museum, Skeppsholmen is also home to the af Chapman, the most well known youth hostel in all of Sweden. Housed cozily inside a tall ship with full masts, this is a popular place for travelers to stay and a great place to see on a sight-seeing stroll. If you plan to take a walking tour of Skeppsholmen, be sure it includes the af Chapman. If you plan to make a night of it at the hostel, note that an actual gangplank is raised each morning at 2a.m. (curfew) and the hostel is geared toward family stays.

Skeppsholmen is also notable for the many military buildings found on this island in Sweden. Its prominent location near the Baltic Sea has in years past made the island an ideal place for military personal. Other attractions include the East-Asian Museum and the Teater Galeasen. The Stockholm Jazz Festival also happens annually on Skeppsholmen Island, which is one of the most beloved festivals in Sweden.

If you plan to add a trip to Skeppsholmen to your suggested itinerary for Stockholm, you can choose to either make an extended stay or simply visit for the day. From the mainland, Skeppsholmen Island is just a short drive over the Skeppsholmsbron Bridge, making it an ideal location for a day of museum hopping. If you like to extend your stay, there are a few hotels in the area, and the famous af Chapman is of course a popular option. Travelers should note that the hostel has a five-night maximum stay limit.

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