The city of Stockholm Sweden is the capital of Sweden and the largest city in the country of Sweden. Stockholm Sweden has a population of 1.8 million people and its jurisdiction includes 14 islands in Lake Malaren, which is the beginning of an archipelago of 24,000 islands that extend all the way to the Baltic Sea. Plenty of bridges, towers and medieval cities continue to characterize the city of Stockholm Sweden.

This history of the capital of Sweden stretches to the 13th century, which it first became an important part of the iron trade in northern Europe. The capital of Sweden was originally founded by Birger Jarl, in an attempt to protect the country of Sweden from sea invasions by foreigners. Some towns located on smaller islands in Lake Malaren were being consistently attacked and pillaged by raiders, and establishing a city was an attempt to protect these people. The city was also in a prime location, with a major harbor in place for trade. This harbor continued to make the city of Stockholm an important place for trade and continued to help the city’s economy grown and expand.

Although the city of Stockholm has seen many battles and changes in power over the year, today is one of the world center’s of peace. The city has a climate consistent with areas found far north, and there are very distinct seasons in the country, with bitterly cold winters and mild, short summers. This climate makes a getaway in Stockholm for tourists most popular during the summer.

A getaway in Stockholm for Stockholm tours in the summer can include a vast number of fascinating attractions that showcase some of the best of the Renaissance. Stockholm tours on a getaway in Stockholm can be conducted on foot, by boat or by bus, but they all have some of the best attractions in common. The Gamla stan, or Old Town, is a popular spot to visit, as is the Operan, the Stadshuset building, the Vasa Museum, and the Avenyn. Stockholm tours can be arranged to go by all of these attractions, or just a few, or you can of course visit them on your own. The Vasa Museum in particular is a popular choice, as it is the most-visited museum in Stockholm.

Skeppsholmen Island
Skeppsholmen Island

To get the best out of your trip, be sure to grab a Stockholm city map. A Stockholm city map will not only show the best of Stockholm attractions, but will also point out some of the better side trips. The medieval town of Visby, as well as Skeppsholmen Island, is great attractions and perfect places to travel for a day trip from Stockholm. A Stockholm city map can also point out the railway lines and other important information you may need for transportation and other needs in the city of Stockholm.

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