Stockholm Hotels

Stockholm hotels are considered to be some of the more expensive hotels in the western world, which is one reason some travelers choose to take an all-inclusive Scandinavian cruise. Despite what may seem like an excessive expense at first, it is possible to find a cheap hotel in Stockholm by knowing how and when to find the best hotel deals in Stockholm Sweden. One major plus to Stockholm hotels, however, is that a high percentage of these hotels have great amenities, and are often located near the center of the city close to famous attractions.

As you might expect, some of the most expensive Stockholm hotels are to be found in the downtown area. These high end hotels will features spacious accommodation and generally up-to-date furnishing and comfortable surroundings. To find the best hotel deals in Stockholm Sweden for these more expensive hotels, watch for specials. Since these hotels are more expensive than many other hotels in North America and Europe, weekend and summer specials are common as a way to attract travelers.

Since summer is by far the busiest time to visit Stockholm, hotels will fill up quickly. You can book your hotel stay in advance and find good deals on a cheap hotel Stockholm by registering early with a travel agency or searching a online travel company well in advance. The Grand Hotel in Stockholm is perhaps the most well known of the expensive hotels in Stockholm. Located directly across the street from the Royal Palace, the Grand Hotel is centrally located and is often referred to as the nicest hotel in all of Scandinavia, as well as one of the oldest. Rates can be steep, but watch for deals, as a stay at this iconic hotel, even for just a night, can be a lot of fun.

When looking for a cheap hotel Stockholm, it is good to note that there are some great mid-priced hotels in Norrmalm, which is in Stockholm a bit north of Gamla stan. One excellent, middle-of-the road choice is the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and Towers. Despite the fact that this is part of a hotel chain, the Sheraton Stockholm offers some of the largest hotel rooms in the city, as well as clean and quaint furnishings. This is one of the best hotels in Stockholm for families, and is located near Central Station north of Gamla stan.

Another of the best hotels in Stockholm for travlers looking for the best hotel deals in Stockholm Sweden is the Hotell Kung Carl. Named after the beloved King Karl from the 19th century, the Hotell Kung Carl is one of Stockholm’s oldest, and the building and design reflect an old-world charm. This hotel is found right in the heart of Gamla stan, with convenient access to the Vasa Museum, the Operan and the Stadshuset building. Some of the most inexpensive hotels in Stockholm are also located in Norrmalm, and these hotels in Stockholm will also offer great deals on weekends and during the summer.

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