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Travel in Stockholm can be expensive, and hotels in Stockholm in particular are known for being pricier than hotels in many other cities. Staying in a hostel Stockholm, for a portion or all of your vacation, is a great way to save some money and find budget accommodation Stockholm. Not only can travelers find a great youth hostel Sweden, but it is also possible to find a family hostel Sweden in Stockholm.

By far the best known family hostel Sweden is the af Chapman. The af Chapman is a favorite family hostel Sweden in large part do to the building in which it is housed. The building is actually not a building at all, but instead a three-masted schooner that is has been converted into a hostel Stockholm. The af Chapman is particularly geared toward family travelers, although of course all travelers are welcome. There are a number of staterooms throughout the af Chapman, with two, four, six or eight beds. None of the staterooms have single beds. There are two showering sections at the hostel; one for women and one for men. The hostel has showers and personal lockers available to store your passport, money and other important items. The ship still uses its gangplank, which is drawn up each night at 2 am, enforcing a strict curfew. You cannot stay at the af Chapman for more than five nights in a row.

Another popular budget accommodation Stockholm hotel is the Rygerfjord Hotel and Hostel. This hostel is located close to many of the best attractions in Stockholm, including the Vasa Museum, the Stadshuset building, Gamla stan and the Liseberg theme park. The rooms at the Rygerfjord hostel range form a single bed cabin at the highest price, to a twelve bed dormitory with up to twelve beds. There are lockers available for rent, and a restaurant on the premises.

Perhaps one of the best hostels for budget accommodation Stockholm for backpackers in particular is the City BackPackers Hostel. This hostel often features special accommodation deals, such a three nights for the price of one. The hostel also has some great amenities, such as free high speed internet, pasta, and coffee, as well as a sauna that is open for free guest use each morning of the week. Rooms have two, four, six or eight beds. There are also dorms set aside especially for females.

Hostels in general are great ways to travel while saving money. Hostels by definition feature kitchens with dishes for guest use, and sometimes guests will be expected to pitch in with chores around the hostel as part of the advantage of staying on the cheap. Hostels can also be a fun way to meet other travelers, as well as take advantage of budget accommodation Stockholm.



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