Sweden Ski Resorts

Sweden ski resorts are popular, despite the excessively cold weather, in large part because avid skiers can expect snow on the mountains throughout the winter, no matter what. Skiing in Sweden in the winter may be cold, but it is also a guaranteed good time. Cross-country skiing in Sweden is also popular, and there are a number of excellent cross-country ski trails found in the towns of Gallivare and Arvidsjaur, two northern villages in Sweden.

While there are a number of places throughout the country for skiing in Sweden, there are of course a few highlights and towns that are more popular than others for Sweden ski resorts. One of the more appealing Sweden ski resorts is in the town of Dundret. Known as Thunder Mountain, this ski resort is one of the best places to visit during the winter in Sweden. Thanks to the northern location of this mountain, the months of June and July enjoy almost total sunlight around the clock, while at the same time featuring snow. For many skiers, this is a major advantage, allowing longer skiing hours and a chance to avoid the harsh winter in Sweden.

Another popular place to ski during the winter in Sweden is the Bjursas Ski Center. This moderately sized ski center has six lifts and ten runs, and a few restaurants open during the day where you can get a bite to eat. Perhaps more popular, however, is the Sunne Ski resort located in the mountains in Sweden in Varmland. This is the largest resort in the area and in addition to ten runs that have differing levels of challenge; the Sunne ski center has ski rentals, a ski school, a ski shop, a restaurant, and even a lodge. Four of the ski lifts are lit for night skiing, and this is a popular place for locals from Stockholm and the surrounding area to come and ski, as well as international visitors who come to enjoy the mountains in Sweden.

Also popular for Swedish skiing is the nearby country of Estonia. Estonia Sweden skiing is popular among travelers and Swedish citizens. Estonia Sweden skiing is close, with only the Baltic Sea separating the two countries. Estonia is located just east of Sweden, and Estonia Sweden skiing to some of Estonia’s most popular, and sometimes less expensive, ski resorts is a great way to spend a day or a week. Not only are the mountains in Estonia comparable to the mountains in Sweden, but prices in Estonia are almost always much cheaper than prices in Sweden. A number of great hotels and ski resort lodges can be found conveniently located in both countries for skier accommodation.



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