Stockholm Day Trips

As an area with some of the most well preserved medieval town centers and plenty of modern attractions, the city of Stockholm, Sweden is an excellent place for walking tours and day trips of all kinds. So strap on your walking shoes for a Stockholm day trips on foot, or find information about day trips in Stockholm through the comfort of an organized tour on a bus or ferry.

Stockholm Grand Tour

This popular Stockholm day trip is a good option for travelers who have just a small amount of time, but want to see many of the major sites of the city in that time. This is one of the most all-inclusive organized Stockholm day trips, and the price is reasonable. The Grand Stockholm day trips tour is conducted partly on a bus, and partly on a ferry boat. This Stockholm day trip tour lasts almost four hours, and travelers will see landmarks along the way, as well as learn something about what they are seeing from the guide’s narration. After the tour, spend the rest of your afternoon eating in a downtown Stockholm restaurant, or getting a better look at one of the best landmarks on the tour; the Stadshuset building.

Old Town

While the term old town can refer to many different areas in and around Stockholm, you can certainly make it your mission to see many of them on one Stockholm day trip. Day trips in Stockholm to visit the oldest structures in the city are a great way to organize your time. If you start your day trip Stockholm at the Stadshuset, you should be able to make it to the Swedish Parliament Building, the Gustav Adolfs Torg, the Kungstradgarden (the Royal Gardens) and the Grand Hotel in Stockholm’s Old Town. You can have lunch near the gardens, a particular delight in the summer, and spend the afternoon at the National Museum.

Skeppsholmen Island

Take the Skeppsholmbron Bridge to Skeppsholmen Island and spend your day trip Stockholm enjoying this beautiful place. Day trips in Stockholm to the island offer great views of Stockholm and the surrounding water. You can also visit the medieval town of Visby, where 2 ½ miles of stone wall are still standing tall around the city from the 16th century. Finish out the day with some dinner in Visby.

Vasa Museum

A day trip Stockholm at the Vasa Museum is a great way to spend an afternoon or more. Here, travelers will see the oldest ship in the world that is on view and still intact. It sunk off the coast of Scandinavia in the 16th century, and many of the items carried on board were rescued in tact, including clothing, gold, and some interesting tools. This is the most visited museum in Sweden, and for good reason.

Liseberg Theme Park

Spend a day trip Stockholm on a trip to Sweden’s most popular theme park; the Liseberg. Some of the world’s top roller coasters reside here, fashioned of both wood and steel. Though the rides aren’t open during the winter, there is an intriguing holiday festival happening during the winter that is also worth visiting, complete with real reindeer and an ice-skating rink. After the theme park, have dinner on the nearby Avenyn in Stockholm.



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