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If you are planning any upcoming travel to Sweden, you are likely considering when the best time to go to this Scandinavian country will be. Depending on what sorts of attractions you would like to see in Sweden, there are some varying recommendations. In general, Stockholm tourist information reports that summer is the most popular time to travel to Sweden for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the long days enjoyed by citizens of this Scandinavian country during the summer.

For the most part, most tourist facilities in Sweden do not open until about May or even June, and will begin to close in the middle of August as the days get shorter and colder. In particular, most activities that involve being outdoors, such as open boat tours of Stockholm or other such outdoor organized walking tours will only be available during the summer, as they would be quite miserable during the winter. Sweden in general enjoys very distinct seasons, and winter is often a bitterly cold time in the country.

If you travel to Sweden in the summer, you will of course generally pay higher prices for accommodation than you would in the winter. In particular, Stockholm hotels and Stockholm hostels tend to be more expensive than those found in other cities such as Malmo or Gothenburg. In the summer, however, these higher priced hotels do often run specials during certain weeks, or on the weekends. Check with Stockholm tourist information and keep an eye out for these kinds of deals on hotels. Outdoor attractions in this Scandinavian country, such as a trip to Liseberg Park, will also be fully open in the summer.

Although summer travel is more popular, it is not unheard of to travel to Sweden in the fall or winter. Many of the country’s best museums and buildings, including the Vasa Museum, the Operan and the Stadshuset building will be open all winter long and can be delightful to tour amid the winter lights. The holiday season in Sweden is also much celebrated, and many of the best attractions will be cozy indoor events. Despite the cold, ice skating and skiing are popular in Sweden in the winter, and of course prices for travel in general will be less expensive in the winter. Ice Hotel enthusiasts should note that in order to stay at this world-famous frozen hotel, you will have to be there during the winter, as it will be melted once summer comes along.

If Stockholm is your final destination in Sweden, you can stay up to date on weather information and other tips regarding your trip by checking with Stockholm tourist information.



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