Switzerland seems to have it all, including seemingly endless mountains blanketed in bright white snow, a small and friendly population, enviable laws preventing pollution and maintaining a pristine environment, majestic castles, and dense woodlands. From the simple life to lavish indulgence, the breadth of possible experiences is one aspect that draws visitors in. The country is ne that’s envied all around the world for its peaceful and neutral stance on many worldwide happenings. Always regarded as a peacemaker, this aspect of the country seems to promote Switzerland vacations all on its sown.

The small Alpine country has a big reputation for a variety of appealing things. From Swiss Army utility knives to delicious chocolate and sumptuous cheeses, there are many well-known exports enjoyed all around the globe. For the wealthy jet-setting types, Switzerland travel offers a number of intriguing facets. Stylish and hip, ski resorts like St Moritz are as well known for glitz and glamour as they are for some of the best skiing in the world. More than one hundred ski resorts in total are dotted throughout the country and offer premier winter activities along with a slew of warm weather pursuits, from hiking mountainous peaks to cycling through fragrant meadows.

Switzerland tours have long been popular in a country that, in many ways, has pioneered tourism. For decades Switzerland packages to ski resorts and spas, summer lakeside getaways and city spots have enamored visitors and drawn them in for more. Switzerland even offers resort-style vacations in areas with towering palm trees and Riviera-esque accommodations. Water sports rule and swimming and yachting, among many other lakeside activities, are a wonderful way to spend holiday time. In these types of areas, and also at most of the ski resorts, Switzerland packages can be a great way to get the best value for money. Groups your flights, accommodations and car rentals together and save off the top. There are a large assortment of vacation packages available to choose from. They can also include Switzerland tours and other extras for a most fulfilling and exciting holiday.

For visitors who prefer to experience the many beautiful towns and cities, Switzerland vacations urban areas can be a wonderful way to enjoy the country. In the historic city of Berne, shopping, dining and sightseeing are magnificent and bestow a new appreciation for city life. Zurich, set n the banks of beautiful Lake Geneva, offers even more amenities and many sophisticated elements such as design and arts, posh nightclubs and hip bars, cultured theater and traditional entertainment and a large number of museums and galleries. The architecture itself lends one of the best reasons to experience Switzerland vacations in the top cities. During Switzerland travel notice the well-planned layouts and design of each city and the ease in which you’ll enjoy getting around.

The best time for Switzerland tours depends solely upon where your interests lie. June through September is the summer period and a wonderful time to enjoy lakeside chalets and many outdoor adventures. The downside is that the country tends to be crowded and prices do rise. When April and May hit prices tend to deflate and this happens again between September and October. These are both wonderful times of year weather-wise as well as great times to snatch up terrific deals on Switzerland packages. From late August through to the end of October the weather is quite pleasant and neither too hot or too cold. Swiss ski resorts traditionally start opening for the season beginning in December. Christmas is literally a zoo and can be extremely crowded and expensive. If you plan well and plan ahead, you can enjoy affordable accommodations but reservations are hard to get and the slopes are generally jammed.

Whether you’re planning Switzerland travel in the summer, spring, fall or winter, there are a number of places worth visiting if you can squeeze them in. Art lovers flock to the notable city of Basel while serious skiers and boarders head to Davos. Geneva’s lakeside beauty offers enough reason to go with plenty more to croon about once you arrive. In Lucerne charming bridges, 15th century architecture, and the surrounding lake and mountains, and the lack of tourists will have you engaged and captivated. Switzerland is a country of natural beauty and outdoor adventure where everything you could want seems to be right at your fingertips.

Top image: archer10 (Dennis) OFF (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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