Switzerland Airports

Switzerland airports are the starting point for many vacations. With well-equipped and well-managed transportation hubs in all the major cities, you can begin exploring shortly after arriving.

The Zurich airport connects the world with Switzerland. Nearly 200 cities around the world fly into Zurich, including most of the major cities in Europe and North America and other Swiss cities. No matter which of the airlines to Switzerland you've chosen, you'll arrive at a world-class airport designed for passenger comfort.

The Zurich airport is home to duty-free shopping and Switzerland is one of the last countries in Europe to still offer this opportunity. There's also a range of other retail locations offering clothing, Swiss chocolate, watches, consumer electronics, and other choices. With the tax-free shops at Switzerland airports and rebates from the value-added tax, you can save a lot of money.

The airport is also home to several restaurants, which like the shops, can be visited by ticked passengers and general visitors. Other offerings at the largest of the airports in Switzerland include tour-planning assistance, the Swiss Museum of Transport, access to ground transportation, ample parking, and financial services.

The Geneva airport is another choice for arriving in the country, in the heart of French-speaking region. As one of the major airports in Switzerland, this transportation hub welcomes flights from Abu Dabi to Zurich and many points in between. It also receives exclusive flights chartered by tour operators for Swiss holidays. Once passengers have arrived at this nonsmoking airport, they'll have access to shops, restaurants, and several Geneva hotels.

Even though Geneva is one of the Switzerland airports, it can be counted as a destination in France, as long as you fly into or out of the special French sector. Becuase this area is treated differently than the rest of the airport, you'll have to pass through Swiss customs and will need the documents required by France. For American citizens traveling with a valid passport, they won't notice much of a difference. After showing their passports in this section, passengers can gather information about visiting France, secure car rentals, and reach nearby cities in France.

EuroAirport, another one of the airports in Switzerland, welcomes passengers to Basel and the surrounding communities of Mulhouse and Frieburg. Flights regularly arrive from Zurich, cities in Germany, a variety of French locales, London, the Middle East, and Amsterdam. After arriving at the Basel Mulhouse Airport, taking care of customs, and grabbing your luggage, you can stop for a drink, pause for a full meal, grab a snack, or head straight to ground transportation.

Even as one the smaller Switzerland airports, the Lugano airport is well equipped for passenger comfort. Also the closest airport to Agno and the Swiss Alps, the airport receives flights from Geneva, Dusseldorf, Rome, Zurich, and a few other cities. Every year, passengers who fly through the airport that's halfway between Milan and Zurich find friendly service without the hassle of long lines. The parking is only steps from the check-in counter, and there's rarely a worry about long security lines. It's not unusual for passengers to arrive at the airport and be at the gate within twenty minutes.

Whether you're planning to fly into the Zurich airport, or any of the others, you'll find a variety of transportation options after you've arrived. Zurich and one other of the airports in Switzerland (Geneva) both are hooked into the rail network. After a short walk from the terminal, you can board a train and be in the city center within twenty minutes.

Several trains connect the two cities with many other locations in Switzerland. For example, at the Basel airport, airport shuttles take passengers right from the terminal to the rail station.

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