Bernese Oberland

The Bernese Oberland region is widely considered to be one of the most breathtaking areas in all of Switzerland. It is a part of the canton of Bern, which is the second largest of all the Swiss cantons. A canton is simply a small territorial district. In a country known for its stunning natural beauty, this region truly stands out. It is flanked by the high peaks of the Bernese Alps, and surrounded by dense forestland and the gorgeous Lake of Thun. Anyone booking Bernese Oberland travel should be prepared for an unforgettable experience seeing some of Europe’s most impressive natural landscapes.

Visitors to the Bernese Highlands often jump at the opportunity to hike through these almost untouched hills and paths, where they can find peace and tranquility. The majestic Lake of Thun and other surrounding lakes are popular attractions for yachting, windsurfing, and other water sports. And if you are into skiing, the Bernese Oberland region is a virtual paradise with endless runs down some of the world’s most impressive and challenging mountains. Whatever kind of experience you desire during your travel, there is something for everyone in this part of Switzerland. Each village has a distinctive quality, and tourists explore the various areas of the Bernese Highlands for sport, fine dining, luxurious shopping, and lodging.

Interlaken is the unofficial capitol of Bernese Oberland and is a popular attraction for holiday visitors. There are a variety of outstanding lodging options, from luxury villas, to resorts, suites, and hotels. There is a host of fine dining options at distinctive European restaurants as well, where visitors may enjoy the French, German, and Swiss fare. Interlaken is located between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz and is a great point from which to begin exploring the central region of the Bernese Highlands. Tourists can take cable cars from Interlaken to many of the points to view the gorgeous mountain vistas, as well as to local villages. This is one of the best features of Switzerland. It is sparsely populated and many of the attractions are within close traveling distance by train; many times travelers can use only a cable car.

Many skiers vacationing in Switzerland head straight for Grindelwald. This Swiss village is located about 40 minutes via train from Interlaken. The skiing is top notch, but another distinctive feature of Grindelwald is the many cable cars networked throughout the mountains that drop tourists into stunning hiking trails. Hiking in the Bernese Oberland does not get more breathtaking than this. Long trails are open even in the winter, making for a marvelous jaunt through the snowy trails with the majestic Alps hovering all around. Anyone booking Bernese Oberland travel should consider a trip to Grindelwald, as it is a perfect opportunity to see so much of the Swiss village life, all in one, cable-connected place.

Locals and seasoned travelers to Switzerland will agree that if you travel to the Bernese Oberland, you need to see the Lauterbrunnen Valley. It is an immense valley, shaped like a giant U, with massive cliffs hovering on all sides and over 72 waterfalls. The Lauterbrunnen Valley is the deepest in the world, and visitors to this enchanting hideaway in the Alps can stay at resorts that are peppered along the cliffs’ high points. When you organize plans for your Bernese Oberland travel, put the stunning Lauterbrunnen Valley at the top of the list.

The Bernese Oberland Highlands, Lake Thun, Grindelwald, and Interlaken are some of the most magnificent and popular destinations in the gorgeous Swiss Alps. Switzerland itself offers a distinctive experience with its many unique chalets, cable cars, lodges, shops and villas. A trip to Bernese Oberland could be the perfect way to begin your exploration of Switzerland and the other countries like France, Austria and Italy that lie in the shadows of the great Alps.

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