Davos Switzerland

When fun in the Alps is at the core of a European getaway, Davos Switzerland is an ideal destination. Much like Zermatt and St. Moritz, this attractive Swiss village is known for its outdoor recreational possibilities. Skiing is popular in the winter months, and sailing on Lake Davos is one of the top things to do in the summer. Other fun activities that can be enjoyed on a vacation to Davos are snowboarding, ice skating, golfing, tennis, and squash. Davos travel is appealing on many different levels, and a big budget isn't required.

Since Davos Switzerland is situated in the Swiss Alps, picturesque mountain views abound. To say that the village is charming and attractive would be an understatement. Many on vacation to Davos choose to arrive via the Glacier Express, which is a renowned train that travels through the heart of the soaring Alps. The views from the train alone warrant the trip into town. It is easy to see why a resort town was established here in 1860. In the early days, Davos Switzerland was a travel destination for the rich and for ailing people who hoped to benefit from the village's microclimate. One of the most famous people to have visited was Robert Louis Stevenson, who suffered from tuberculosis. He visited in 1880, as recommended by his physician back in Scotland. In the following century, Davos travel started to revolve more around skiing than it did the wellness industry.

It was way back in 1888 that skiing was first introduced on the slopes surrounding Davos Switzerland. It would take eleven years, however, for the village to really earn its place on the map. In 1899, the large ice rink that was opened in town hosted a couple of international ice skating events. Ice skating can still be enjoyed on a vacation to Davos, thanks to the high-quality public rinks. Five ski areas can be found in and around Davos, the most renowned of which is the Parsenn-Weissfluh. There are lots of excellent places to go skiing in Europe, and according to some experts, Parsenn-Weissfluh is the best. The runs here cover every category, and there is consistent snowfall. Davos snowboarding has been increasing in popularity in recent years as well.

As any great ski resort should, Davos offers an après-ski scene that is enviable. Once skiers and snowboarders finish on the slopes, they can hit any number of bars and restaurants at the base of the mountains. Summer months also bring on a nightlife scene, which can adds a lively edge to your vacation to Davos. Once the snow melts, the mountains in and around the village turn into prime hiking grounds, which helps to make a visit during the warmer months worth considering. Those who are interested in adding hiking to their Davos travel agenda can trek through meadows, work their way through woods, and bask in mountain pastures. The area trails are also ideal for mountain biking, which is a wonderful way to burn some calories while sightseeing.

When visitors aren't enjoying outdoor recreational pursuits, there are some Davos attractions in town that deserve some time. They include the fourteenth-century Church of St. Theodulus and the Heimatmuseum. The latter is a museum that offers insight into the history of Davos. Regardless of how visitors spend their time in Davos, a typical day is bound to prove exciting. Catering to the increasing amount of visitors are a number of quality Davos hotels. There are also some attractive vacation rentals in the area that can make for ideal alpine bases.

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