Switzerland Hiking

Switzerland hiking is a rewarding experience, a chance to enjoy the scenery and the fresh air. Whether you're planning a multi-day adventure or a short excursion on your holidays, you'll have the chance to enjoy the scenery and an amazing workout. Regardless of which cantons are included on your vacations, there will be plenty of opportunities for getting out and enjoying nature.

Options for Switzerland hiking range from short walks to several days designed all around outdoor adventure. Some travelers plan an afternoon to explore on their own, while others embark on formal hiking tours, complete with a guide and overnight accommodations.

Beginners, families, and those looking for a low-impact workout can follow in the footsteps of the Romans in the region of Helvetica. More than 50 miles of trails wind through the town, even next to the ruins of amphitheater built in ancient times. Hikers also enjoy the scenery of the Broye Valley as they take the scenic route.

When planning an outdoor adventure, many travelers dream of spending time in the Alps. In this region, there options for Switzerland hiking are plentiful. The country's only national park is found near St. Moritz, and hiking is the primary activity offered in this large natural preserve. Trails wind through many of the cities and scenic regions in eastern Switzerland, offering options for skilled hikers and beginners alike. When you plan to do some Swiss Alps hiking, the setting is sure to be spectacular.

Bernese Oberland, a region known for its mountain lakes, provides a scenic setting for trekking in Switzerland. For a memorable excursion, travels head to the Diemtigtal Valley by car or bus to the Zwischenflüh Post to catch a trail that winds by Seeberg Lake. In this region, hikers also enjoy the idyllic views of Interlaken and even glaciers. One of the newest places for a hike in Switzerland is found nearby. A cable car whisks people up to the top of Glacier3000, where an interesting trail and a mountain station restaurant are waiting.

Another popular way to hike in Switzerland—Nordic walking—is beginning to show up in more and more vacation plans. This full-body workout involves walking with two poles and looks a lot like cross-country skiing without the snow. This option for trekking in Switzerland is easy on the joints and a snap to learn, so it's an option for visitors young and old.

Ägerital, not far from Zurich, has four trails set aside for Nordic walking. With its varied terrain, a workout can go from leisurely to challenging. A variety of local outfitters offer training and day-trip excursions for this type of trekking in Switzerland. In the Lake Geneva region, you'll find several marked trails and lessons led by accredited Swiss Olympic instructions.

In the winter, trekking in Switzerland takes on a whole new aspect. After the snow has fallen, city parks, ski resorts, and natural areas transform in to wide-open areas for cross-country skiing and challenging walks.

Throughout the year, there are many options for a hike in Switzerland. You can usually find what you need locally, or bring along your own equipment if you have it.

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