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Switzerland hostels provide a place to relax after a long day exploring. You don't have to be a recent college grad or on a journey to find yourself to include hostels in Switzerland in your vacation plans. Whether you're planning to spend a few days of your European holidays in the country or the country is the only stop on your itinerary, a hostel can fit into your plans without draining your wallet.

In towns large and small, hostels in Switzerland provide hospitality to travelers from around the world. In addition to the standard beds and baths, hostels often have family rooms where visitors can get to know each other and dining rooms where guests can enjoy a meal together. If you're looking for the kind of vacations that connect with other cultures, the welcoming atmosphere of hostels will help you make new friends from countries different than yours.

Cheap Zurich hostels draw the attention of travelers who want to experience once of the world's great cities without paying a premium price. In a quiet part of the city near the Lake Zurich and a short walk from the train and the Rote Fabrik cultural district, the Zurich Youth Hostel welcomes globetrotters looking for good eats, comfortable rooms, and a location close to the action. This choice for cheap Zurich hostels has won awards and a designation as historic site. Along with rooms with two to five beds, the hostel has plenty of places to gather, including a spacious entryway, inner courtyard, billiard tables, and the breakfast buffet.

This is just one of the hostels in Switzerland found in Zurich. In all quadrants of the city, you'll find trendy boutique inns, transformed historic buildings, and apartment rentals offering the value and style expected of today's youth hostels.

Outside of the cheap Zurich hostels and the capital city, Switzerland hostels provide overnight accommodations to people after they've spent the day skiing, hiking along mountain lakes, shopping, visiting museums, enjoying the local cuisine, and whatever else they want to include in their vacations.

An alternative to the expense of Geneva hotels, hostels reflect the cosmopolitan flair of the city. For less than the cost of a train ticket or a good meal, you can book overnight accommodations across the city. One of the Geneva hostels is a favorite of backpackers, hikers, hipsters, and travelers just looking value. The Geneva Youth Hostel is known for its contemporary art, even though it's located in a transformed ophthalmic hospital. With accommodations for more 300 people, a lounge, and restaurant, the hostel is well equipped for international travelers.

In Basel, hostels are located close to the shopping districts, close to the rail stations, and in the center of town. With single and double rooms, the Basel City Youth Hostel has been recognized for its quality accommodations by Hostelling International. One of the largest of the Basel hostels offers a comfortable room with linens and a breakfast buffet for one low price per guest.

Even if you have a tight budget, it's possible to explore Europe. A wide range of Switzerland hostels help make travel happen for many people, no matter how much they have in their bank account.

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