Klosters is among the world-famous ski resorts that call Switzerland's Graubunden canton home, complete with an array of Klosters hotels for your ski vacation needs. Others include Davos and St. Moritz, to name a couple. Since Klosters is located on the road to Davos, the two often find themselves competing for business in the tourism sector. Both are world-class skiing and snowboarding destinations, as is St. Moritz, so it's hard to go wrong when looking for a place to base yourself in the region. When compared to nearby Davos, Graubunden is more intimate and romantic. St. Moritz caters mostly to the prestigious crowd and is considered to be among the most fashionable ski resorts in the world.

Chalet-style edifices reign supreme in Klosters Switzerland, and as far as the slopes are concerned, you can expect runs of all levels. The off-piste runs are especially appetizing for advanced skiers and snowboarders, while families might prefer the more gentle runs. There are two main ski areas to take advantage of on a trip to the Klosters Ski Resort, and they include the Gotschna-Parsenn Ski Area and the Madrisa Ski Area.

Gotschna-Parsenn offers some of the longest runs in Europe and is the more popular of the two. The cable cars at Klosters-Platz (Klosters Square) offer access to the Gotschna-Parsenn Ski Area, as well as the connected Davos Ski Area. The highest point in the this combined area is 9,112 feet above sea level. As for the Madrisa Ski Area, most people access it by taking a bus from Klosters-Platz to nearby Dorf. At Dorf, you can hop on the gondola to get to a height of 6,222 feet. After that, you might take a drag lift to the ski area's highest point, which is 7,724 feet above sea level.

Should you want to do some off-piste skiing at the Klosters Ski Resort, you might book a guide to help you find the top spots. When sticking to the established runs, visitors will have 200 miles of trails to choose from in the combined Klosters-Davos region. Snowboarders and freestyle skiers can get their kicks at the Jakobshorn Sunrise Snowpark, where rails, kickers, and a quarterpipe figure among the highlights, while cross-country skiing enthusiasts will have approximately 60 miles of regional trails to enjoy. It is worth noting that it is also possible to do some snowshoeing on the cross-country trails.

Cleared winter walking trails only add to the options for things to do at the Klosters Ski Resort, as do the toboggan runs, ice skating opportunities, and the horse-drawn sleigh rides. These are just some of the ways to keep busy during the winter, and when the weather warms, many visitors come for the exceptional hiking. Regardless of the season, heading indoors to go swimming or play some tennis just two more options for keeping busy. During the winter, fun apres-ski activities can be enjoyed, and while the nightlife is decent, those who are up for a lively night out might prefer hitting the bars and clubs in Davos.

It's all about alpine bliss in Klosters, and should you be interested in dropping by for some winter or summer fun, there are some enticing hotels to choose from. Take the landmark Hotel Vereina, for example, which offers a chic environment to go with its ample facilities. The facilities include a spa, a fitness room, a sauna, a heated pool, a bar, and restaurants. There are 25 spacious rooms and suites to choose from at the Hotel Vereina, and among other things, they boasts marble bathrooms.

For those who are interested in luxurious Klosters hotels, the Hotel Pardenn can be a fine alternative to the Hotel Vereina. Catering to the rich and famous, the Hotel Pardenn offers well-equipped rooms and suites to go with its heated pool, its fitness center, and its three restaurants. Other facilities include a massage room and a piano bar.

Should these Klosters hotels be too expensive or you just prefer paying less or staying elsewhere, there are plenty of other good lodging options. A bunch of mid-price hotels stand poised to offer a pleasant lodging experience with their comfortable rooms and welcoming facilities, and you can expect to save a considerable amount when opting for more affordable hotels such as the Hotel-Pension Buel and the Hotel Silvapina. The hotels at the Klosters Ski Resort are relatively expensive on the whole, in which case you might try to secure lodging deals by booking a holiday package.

Most international travelers who are heading to Klosters arrive in Zurich first. This largest city in Switzerland is around 90 miles away. Once in Zurich, hopping on an express train bound for Landquart is a popular transportation option. From Landquart, you can hop on a connecting train to complete the trip to Klosters.



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