Lucerne Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland is a renowned European vacation destination. Found in the heart of the country, it rests on the shores of a beautiful lake that shares its name. It is also within reach of two nearby mountains, as well as the majestic Swiss Alps. Enjoying the great outdoors is one of the top things to do in Lucerne, and visitors can also get their fill of culture. The city hosts one of Europe's premier musical events, and it also offers various festivals throughout the year, such as the Lucerne Cheese Festival. As is true throughout much of Switzerland, Carnival is also celebrated here with vigor. For those who can't make it to Lucerne for one of the top yearly events, there will be lots of other things to enjoy. The Lucerne attractions offer something for everyone, and the city's competent transport network makes getting around easy.

Lucerne is a picturesque Swiss town. Charming cobblestone streets, delightful architecture, and a series of covered bridges add to the city's undeniable appeal. The bridges of Lucerne span the Ruess River. The most renowned bridge is the Chapel Bridge, which is an impressive 670 feet long. Originally built in 1333, the Chapel Bridge had to be replaced in 1993 after falling victim to fire. Halfway across the bridge, a thirteenth-century tower can be found. The Water Tower, which was originally a fortification, is now a museum. Together with the Chapel Bridge, it makes up the city's most renowned landmark. The Mill Bridge is one of the other Lucerne attractions worth noting. This covered bridge dates back to 1408, making it the oldest of its kind in all of Europe.

For travelers who enjoy immersion into another culture, a trip to Lucerne Switzerland can be ideal. A collection of high quality museums figure among the top Lucerne attractions, and premier annual events like the Lucerne Festival of Music celebrate the arts. In addition to the small museum in the Water Tower, which offers a series of paintings that date back to the seventeenth century, those who are enjoying Lucerne travel can also visit the Kunstmuseum ( Fine Arts Museum) and the Swiss Transport Museum, among others. The former, which is attached to the Modern Art Museum, offers exhibits that revolve largely around Swiss art. The Baroque paintings, the eighteenth-century portraits, and the nineteenth-century landscapes are of particular interest. As for the Swiss Transport Museum, it is easily one of the most popular Lucerne travel attractions. This large and comprehensive museum features all kinds of transportation devices, from railway cars to spaceships. An IMAX theater and a planetarium figure among the facilities at the Swiss Transport Museum, and there is an adventure ride for kids that is a big hit.

Lucerne Switzerland is known for hosting some attractive festivals, and they include the Lucerne Festival of Music. One of the more prestigious music festivals in Europe, this annual event, which takes place from mid-August to mid-September, offers a cycle of concerts that are held in various venues. Carnival is one of the other festivals that many visitors look to add to their Lucerne travel itineraries, as the entire town comes alive during this February celebration. Other Swiss cities, such as the nearby city of Bern, also celebrate Carnival rather vigorously. Lucerne isn't all about bridges, museums, and festivals, however. The locals here like to enjoy various outdoor activities, and visitors are encouraged to do the same. If nothing else, enjoying a boat tour on the lake or some laid-back sightseeing is recommended.

Lake Lucerne is a very scenic lake, and the mountains that can be found in the area only add to the overall beauty. When visitors aren't enjoying the downtown Lucerne attractions, heading out to explore the area can be very rewarding. A number of traditional villages can be found along the shores of Lake Lucerne, and they are excellent side trip destinations. The nearby mountains of Mount Pilatus and Rigi are also side trip hot spots for those who are interested in enjoying everything that Lucerne travel has to offer. Panoramic views of the area can be enjoyed from the summits of these mid-sized mountains.

For those who don't mind getting up early, the sunrises over the Alps are usually quite grand. Rigi is home to some hillside hotels for those who want to watch the sunrise from the comfort of their room. Some of the other peaks in the area are worth keeping in mind when planning side trips. Mount Titlis, which tops out at 9,742 feet, offers the best views over central Switzerland. You can even spot the Jungfrau and the Matterhorn in the distance on clear days.



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Lucerne Switzerland


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