Lugano Switzerland

Thanks to its proximity to Italy, Lugano Switzerland feels very much like an Italian city. Street cafes offer welcome respites along the cobblestone streets, and the downtown arcades encourage languid walking tours. Like so many Swiss cities, Lugano rests on the banks of a scenic lake. This lake shares the city's name, though Italians refer to it as Lake Ceresio. March through November is the peak season for Lugano travel, thanks to the warm weather. The city has been nicknamed the "Monte Carlo of Switzerland" because of its inviting climate, and more and more tourists are taking notice. It's hard to picture a better setting, as the lake melds magically with the surrounding mountains. Wonderful views abound, and they can be enjoyed any number of ways.

A vacation to Lugano can involve any number of fun pursuits, and since the city rests on the banks of Lake Lugano, getting out on the water is one of the top things to do. Rowboats and motorboats can be rented along the lakefront, and sailboats are also available for those who want to ride with the wind. When the weather is warm, swimming is also one of the more popular things to do. Along the lake is a beach called The Lido, which is open from 9 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. In addition to a sandy strip on the water, The Lido also features a cafeteria and a lawn that is ideal for relaxing. Other water sports that can be enjoyed during a warm weather vacation to Lugano include waterskiing, windsurfing, and even scuba diving.

As fun as the lake can be, Lugano travel isn't all about enjoying time on the water. Back on land, a walking tour is worth considering. The lakefront Parco Civico makes for an ideal place to stroll. You'll find a casino, a convention center, and an art museum in the Parco Civico, and outdoor concerts take center stage in the summer months. While walking around town, visitors to Lugano Switzerland can visit the Cattedrale di San Lorenzo. It is a highlight among the manmade Lugano attractions. Found in the Old Town, this cathedral, which originally dates back to the ninth century, was rebuilt in the fifteenth century. Of particular interest are the decorated façade and the beautiful Renaissance doorways. Another church that visitors tend to add to their Lugano travel itineraries is the Church of St. Mary of the Angels. Known throughout the region for its frescoes, this sixteenth-century edifice is not to be missed.

While Lugano travel is largely based around outdoor recreation, there are plenty of fun things to do around town. Families who are enjoying a vacation to Lugano are bound to enjoy a trip to the Swiss Miniature Village. This theme park of sorts features replicas of some of Switzerland's most iconic landmarks, including the Matterhorn. One of the other fun things to do in Lugano is go shopping. Via Nassa is the main shopping avenue in town, and the stores that line it offer plenty of Mediterranean merchandise. While shopping in Lugano Switzerland, hitting a department store and seeing what a local pastry shop has to offer are just some of the options.

Lugano is the capital of the Canton of Ticino, which is also home to smaller villages. Once the sun goes down in the region, those looking to enjoy a little nightlife in the area tend to head to the canton's capital. There are two casinos in town for visitors who like to gamble, and the various bars and cafes often remain lively well into the night. Riforma Plaza in the historic district is where some of the best bars and cafes can be found. The Lugano hotels offer something to fit almost any budget, so finding a place to stay in this lovely, lakeside city isn't hard.

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