Matterhorn Mountain

In the little town of Zermatt, roughly 155 miles from Zurich and the Geneva airport, there are no traditional cars in sight. That’s because Zermatt, which sits nestled protectively by Matterhorn Mountain, is car-free to prevent pollution. This is only one of the wonderful benefits of visiting. Visitors heading into Zermatt to climb Matterhorn, or simply enjoy some magnificent views from the base, can get there easily by train from the nearby valley towns of Brig and Visp as well as Tasch, which is less than six miles away. Once you’ve reached Matterhorn Switzerland public transport, in the form of battery operated buses and taxis, will take you wherever you wish to go in the area.

All around Matterhorn Switzerland tourists congregate, especially in the high season in the winter and the summer months. Zermatt is flooded with visitors and its small population of 6,000 balloons to about 20,000 visitors annually. Famous for being one of the best resorts for skiing and boarding in Switzerland, Zermatt is flanked by three additional ski resorts. In the summer months many climb Matterhorn, but visitors are also still skiing at this time of year atop of the still-frozen glaciers and sometimes all the way down to the town. Annual ski passes make Matterhorn travel popular throughout the year and hardly a day goes by when conditions aren’t prime.

Klein Matterhorn Switzerland is the highest accessible peak of the entire mountain and offers the most breathtaking views of all mountain angles. The total elevation of Matterhorn Mountain is 14, 690 feet with the top possible elevation reached at Klein Matterhorn at 12,500 feet. The highest vertical drop is 7,200 feet and there are plenty of runs for beginners to expert skiers with intermediates enjoying 41% of the total. On the best days, Matterhorn travel from the peak all the way down to Zermatt will last for almost ten glorious miles.

Matterhorn travel is also quite popular in the summer months when the weather is warm and the sun shines brightly. The Swiss mountains reveal a unique landscape full of mountainous flora and fauna. With an enduring climb Matterhorn and all the beauty surrounding it is one of the most incredible sights to experience in the country with arguably some of the most majestic panoramas in the entire world. With more than 250 miles of hiking trails winding their way all around Matterhorn travel across the time-sculpted terrain reveals abundant natural beauty. Cable cars and rail cars sweep visitors high up into the clouds into the mountain wilderness where you can take your time admiring the view, taking photographs, enjoying a long hike or just sitting back and breathing it all in at once.

Matterhorn Mountain is perhaps the most discernible and beautiful landmark in Europe, seen from miles and miles away. Chiseled distinctively by both time and the elements, the mountain is shaped as a culminating pyramid, almost even on all sides. Technical climbing at Matterhorn Switzerland is a long-loved tradition luring many, from novices to professionals and is best arranged between mid-July and mid-September. Peak physical condition is necessary for those who want to participate in more than just a leisurely hike. There are myriad tour guides and companies in Zermatt and the surrounding area taking visitors up throughout the year.

Back down in Zermatt and the surrounding towns there is a wealth of luxury and convenience. There are plenty of wonderful hotels, mountainside restaurants and late night social spots to bide your time away from the Alps. Whether you’re there to ski, climb or simply enjoy some sightseeing, you’ll be well accommodated during your stay. If you’re near Matterhorn travel throughout the surrounding area, breath in the fresh mountain air and be sure to explore all that’s offered both on and off the mountain.

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