Montreux in Switzerland is located in an alluring location on Lake Geneva about 20 miles from Laussane at the foothills of the Swiss Alps and surrounded by expansive vineyards. Located in an area called the Vaud Riviera, the climate in Montreux Switzerland is mild and with such a captivating landscape, was known and loved by many famous people who have lived and continue to live there today.

History & Attractions

Montreux’s early significance stems from ancient Roman history; it lies at an important fork in the road where popular old Roman roads split off. Important 2nd and 4th century villas from ancient Rome and a 6th and 7th century cemetery have been discovered on site. Viticulture evolved into a prominent industry after introduction in the 12th century. A deciding 15th century war resulted in occupation by the Berns from Switzerland after lengthy rule by the Counts of Savoy. Liberated in 1798 by Napolean, the region became a tourist hub just a short century later.

History & Attractions
History & Attractions

Chateau de Chillon, or Chillon Castle is a priority attraction in Montreux Switzerland where the rich, intertwined histories of Switzerland and France are expanded upon via temporary exhibitions. Self-guided tours with headphones are available. There are also several notable attractions named as heritage sites of national significance. These include Hotel Montreux Palace from the Belle Epoque era and the train station. The lakeside promenade, wine tours, and the statue dedicated to singer and prior Montreux resident Freddie Mercury add to the array of local attractions.

Montreux Jazz Festival

Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux Jazz Festival  Image: Lionel Flusin, Montreux Jazz Festival Foundation

Founded in 1967 by Claude Nobs, the Montreux Jazz Festival draws almost a quarter-million people for a music event lasting 16 days, a far cry from the original three-day festival it was inaugurated as. It is headlined by an eclectic round of musical styles including jazz, soul, blues, world-music, rock, pop, rap, and more with some of the world’s greats hitting the stage such as Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, and Oscar Peterson. Musical trains and cruises are also part of the festival’s lineup of shows and features. Typically summer dates are from the end of June through mid-July.

Montreux Switzerland Hotels & Lodging

Montreux Switzerland Hotels & Lodging
Montreux Switzerland Hotels & Lodging

The local Fairmont Le Montreux Palace is the largest contender in local hotels offering a beautiful setting with great views directly on Lake Geneva. Tourists looking for lakeside backdrops won’t be disappointed; Montreux offers at least a dozen, some in historic old mansions and others that are newly renovated and modern. Mid to high-range accommodation is most readily available although there are several good budget hotel options available.

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