Switzerland Resorts

Switzerland resorts welcome travelers in all seasons. When the snow has fallen, many visitors flock to the ski resorts to enjoy the challenge of winter sports. In the summertime, these mountaintop cities transform into places to go hiking and mountain biking. Still other resorts are busy no matter what the weather, because they're indoor spas and hotels. When talking about resorts in Switzerland, you could mean a hotel or an entire town. This flexibility means that you have a lot of choices for enjoying vacations customized to what you desire, whether you're looking for adventure, relaxation, or a little of both.

For centuries, kings, noblemen, great thinkers, and countless ordinary people have sought relaxation among the fresh mountain air and thermal springs. Today's choices for a spa resort in Switzerland are plentiful. Baden, just twenty minutes outside of Zurich, was a popular destination for the Romans who came to bathe in the warm thermal springs. Two millennia later, visitors still soak their cares away here. Like other resorts in Switzerland, the city offers a wide array of things to do. Baden is also home to an amazing collection of Impressionist art at the Villa Langmatt Museum and one of the oldest castles in the entire nation. Today, the Lenzburg castle serves as a historical museum detailing the history of the town and the entire Aargau canton.

Adelboden, in the Bernese Oberland region, is close to Bern, the capital city. This four-season destination is another place to enjoy a vacation at a spa resort in Switzerland. After a day on the slopes, a wellness treatment will soothe away the cold. Several of the hotels include spas in their list of offerings, along with attentive service and outdoor adventure. This laid-back chalet is also one of the Switzerland resorts that has earned a reputation as a family-friendly destination.

Many of the resorts in Switzerland are perched high in the mountains or alongside beautiful lakes. No matter when you decide to go, you'll have the chance to experience a memorable getaway. In the winter, cities nestled in the Swiss Alps, along Lake Neuchâtel, or in the countryside, are popular places to enjoy winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. When the temperature rises, the destinations off-the-beaten path transform into a wonderland for hiking, looking for wildflowers, and water sports. Some of these resorts are truly remote—only accessible by boat, rail, or cable car. Once you arrive, you can walk from your hotel to the restaurant, shopping, and all of your favorite activities.

In addition to the spa and sports destinations, you could chase your cares away at one of the luxury hotels. Switzerland resorts aren't limited to the countryside; cities including Zurich and Geneva are home to elegant hotels with a wide menu of services and things to do. You'll find a wide array of offerings including overnight accommodations, fine dining, spa treatments, golfing, and easy access to nearby attractions and shopping districts.

Whether your vacation plans include time at a spa resort in Switzerland, at a mountaintop village, or a chic urban luxury hotel, you'll have the chance to enjoy a memorable getaway, one far away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world.



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