Adana Hotels

There is plenty of accommodation in Adana both for those on a budget and those looking for luxury hotels. One of the best hotels in Adana is the Adana Hilton, in the city center overlooking the Seyhan River and only about a five-minute drive from the airport. It is also located just across the river from beautiful Merkez Park with its lovely gardens, sparkling fountains, and beautiful mosques, including the Sabanci Center Mosque, one of the largest in all of Turkey. This is one of the Adana hotels that is popular with both business travelers and tourists alike. It boasts three swimming pools, a health club with Turkish baths, and two fine dining spots, one of which serves excellent regional specialties including the famous Adana kebab. Even the locals come here to dine.

Another of the more upscale Adana hotels is across the river from the Hilton—the Mavi Surmeli. It has health center with massage treatments, sauna, and Turkish baths. It’s in the city center and within walking distance to many of the attractions, including mosques, the park, and museums. Surmeli is a Turkish chain. There are two other Surmelis in the city, as well as Surmelis in Istanbul, Ankara, and Efes.

Some Adana hotels also offer a taste of lively nightlife. Also in the city center is the Inci Hotel, which boasts a disco bar that is a popular spot for visitors and locals in the evenings. More deluxe accommodation in Adana can be found at the Seyhan Hotel (pictured), which also has a popular lounge (capacity of 400 people) offering live music and dancing several nights a week. It is also located in the city center, set on the banks of the Seyhan River, and has both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. In addition to deluxe rooms, the Seyhan offers a number of suites.

One of the most unique and charming hotels in Adana is the Fidanka House, set over lovely Kalkan Bay on Seyhan Lake. It resembles a rustic and bohemian country villa more than a hotel. Asymmetric tiers of terraces covered with colorful flowers jut out at different angles from the stone building, and the swimming pool occupies its own terrace that seems to hang out over the bay. The house is furnished with antiques, curios, and other personal touches. All double rooms have sweeping water views. This suburb of Adana is one of the resorts in the area, and the beaches of Seyhan Lake are within walking distance. There is some great sailing on this lake, as well as fishing. There are a lot of up and down stairs at this property, so do not book it if you have difficulty with walking.

You can find other Adana lodging with character in the form of pensions and little bed and breakfast inns. This kind of accommodation in Adana will often be family run in homes, and can provide you both with charm and wonderful interactions with the local people. Some hotels in Adana are guest houses that are self catering, which can help save on dining out costs. If you’re up for some adventure, head a bit outside of town to the Adana Highlands in the foothills of the Taurus Mountains. This kind of adventure and Adana lodging requires you to bring your sleeping bag and set up a tent. It is a wonderful area for camping and hiking.

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