Alanya Turkey

Set on a scenic point about 70 miles south east of Antalya, Alanya Turkey is one of the premier beach resorts in the country. It has been a beach resort for more than 800 years. When the Seljuk Turks swept into Anatolia from central Asia, they appreciated the mild Mediterranean climate, the excellent protected harbor, and the area’s proximity to their capital city of Konya. This was the golden age for the city, and it was considered the winter capital and vacation retreat of the Seljuks, much like Camp David is in the United States and the Black Sea dachas of Russia.

Alanya travel will give you a taste of this long and rich history when you visit the thirteenth-century Seljuk Fortress that dominates the town from its promontory. Set on a hill overlooking the water, this massive castle fortress is enclosed by a four-mile wall, and towers more than 800 feet above the sea. It has 140 towers that reach down to the edge of the sea to the Red Tower (Kizil Kule). Ancient Turkish baths, cisterns, and Byzantine churches sit within the enclosure. You can drive up to the fortress in your car rentals on a very narrow road. Alternatively, it takes about an hour to walk up the hill. If you feel hungry, there are dining spots along the sea side of the fortress. The octagonal Red Tower (built with local red stone and bricks) is more than 100 feet tall, and is a symbol of the city. There are a few museums in the city, and one is on the ground floor of the tower. Most of the better Alanya hotels are located within walking distance of the castle fortress, while the beach resorts stretch up and down the shore on both sides.

Other things to do in Alanya include visiting the ancient Alanya shipyard (Tersane), located behind the Red Tower. Constructed in 1226, it is situated right on the shore and is pockmarked with caves. It is possible to hire a boat to go sailing around the peninsula, which is the best way to explore this fascinating site.

Today, thousands of visitors take a vacation to Alanya from all over Europe, and the area is becoming more and more popular with tourists from the United States. For these modern day tourists, the attraction lies in the miles and miles of beautiful, pristine sandy beaches near Alanya and the sparkling waters of the country’s Turquoise Coast, also referred to as the Turkish Riviera.

When you embark on Alanya travel you will find plenty of luxury hotels, lovely villas, and vacation rentals to welcome you. A large number of Alanya Turkey vacation packages fly into the Antalya airport

Things to do in Alanya might include visiting the unusual Damlatas Cave, accidentally discovered in 1948 during harbor construction. It is one of the city’s most popular attractions and is quite beautiful, with its multicolored stalactites and stalagmites. It’s also quite cool in the hot summer weather, and its high humidity is reputedly beneficial to asthmatic patients.

In the town of Alanya Turkey itself are a number of other important attractions, including several mosques. The Sulleymaniye Mosque (named after the most beautiful mosque in Istanbul) and the Andizli Mosque are the two most important. Other things to do in Alanya include visiting the Ethnographic and Archeological Museums, with graveyards from several eras dating back to the Greek, Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman eras. There are also fascinating collections of ancient coins, weapons, carpets, and Korans.

If you’re wondering when to go, Alanya travel is good most of the year. Most of the rain occurs during the winter months, and summers are long, hot, and dry. Perfect weather for the beaches, with its watersports such as parasailing and wind surfing, and even a water park or two.



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