Ankara Hotels

Ankara accommodation is varied and plentiful; you will find something to fit most people’s tastes and budgets. This is the capital city of the country. It is a center of government, commerce, and industry, as well as a city with a long history and many attractions. As such, there are many four- and five-star hotels in Ankara available for business and diplomatic visitors as well as for tourists.

Virtually all the finest Ankara hotels are located in the city center near the government buildings and embassies. Many of these are recognizable international chains, such as Sheraton, Hilton, Swissotel, and Crowne Plaza. While these are clearly business hotels, they offer all the comfort and luxury high end visitors seek during their vacations, as well as the facilities and amenities of any fine international hotel.

Most of these hotels in Ankara have indoor swimming pools and fitness and wellness centers with traditional Turkish baths and spas. All of them have travel centers that will assist you in booking city tours and even securing car rentals. They have very good restaurants, bars and lounges, some with lively nightlife.

This kind of luxury Ankara accommodation is also available in some Turkish properties. The five-star Rixo Hotel is located in the city center. The Bilkent Hotel & Conference Center is located on the grounds of the respected university outside of the city center. It boasts several fine dining venues, bars, and a popular Jazz Lounge, as well as an indoor swimming pool and full-service spa. There is an airport shuttle, and it is located near some lovely parks that are excellent for hiking. It sits in the shadow of the imposing Ankara Castle, and is accessible to attractions like mosques and bazaars.

If you are looking for lodging in Ankara Turkey on a less grand scale, you will find a number of good three-star Ankara hotels that will provide comfort on a more reasonable budget. The Olguturk a pleasant and modern three-star hotel is located in the city center, and offers a restaurant and bars, well appointed rooms, small suites, and family rooms. Nearby attractions include several of the city’s museums, shopping bazaars, and the magnificent Haci Bayram Mosque built by the architect who designed the Suleymaniye Mosque to rival the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Other similar hotels in Ankara include the Almer in the Old City and the Ornek near the city center. The Ankara Plaza Hotel is located in the city center, and has the kind of amenities and facilities you might expect of a good Holiday Inn.

There are no youth hostels, but there is comparable cheap Ankara accommodation that caters to young people, students, and backpackers. The Deniz Atlanta (pictured) is a clean, comfortable hotel near the city center and has great views of the dominating castle overlooking the city. It is within walking distance of many attractions, shopping venues, and some of the best nightlife in the city. Rooms are modest and clean, and there is free wireless Internet. Another of the similar inexpensive Ankara hotels is the Sahinbey, located in the same general area.

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