Bursa Hotels

You will find a wide variety of Bursa hotels to choose from, and one to fit just about anyone’s tastes and budget. One of the things to do here is to visit the baths and spas. Many of the hotels in Bursa have spas or are located near some of the traditional Turkish baths for which the city is famous. The history of these baths dates back to the Roman era. Most of the major Bursa accommodation with spas and baths will be found in the suburbs of Cekirge, Gemlik, Termal, and Oylat. There are four major thermal hot springs baths in these areas, and they boast wonderful old Byzantine and Ottoman architecture.

One of Bursa hotels combines the health giving properties of healing thermal spas with access to skiing on Uludag (Great Mountain), which rises to a height of 8,343. The Beceren Hotel has been open during the winter as one of the country’s ski resorts since 1947, and recently became one of the year-round resorts along the Sea of Marmara. Cable car rides to the summit provide wonderful panoramas of the city below. If hotels in Bursa are not for you, you might want to consider vacation rentals. Some residents winter in warmer climes and rent out their properties for people who visit during the winter months.

One of the four-star Bursa hotels is operated by the Kervansary chain of properties. The Kervansary is located at the foot of Uludag. The Celik Palace is a historical Bursa accommodation that was built in 1939 by order of Kemal Ataturk, the first president of modern Turkey. It is a landmark building and was the first of the five-star luxury hotels in the country. If you want the best rooms, ask for a room facing Uludag. Most of these rooms are junior suites with two bathrooms, including one with a Jacuzzi and one with a massage shower. The hotel also has a beautiful large marble thermal pool that is free of charge for hotel guests. There is a restaurant and bar, 24-hour room service, a shopping arcade, and the hotel will arrange city tours for you.

The Almira Hotel is also in the city center, and close to many of the main attractions, including many mosques and shopping bazaars. This is another of the five-star hotels in Bursa and offers a number of dining venues and a lounge with a lively bit of nightlife music and dancing. There is a full-service spa and wellness center as well as a children’s club.

Cheap lodging in Bursa Turkey can be found at a number of two and three-star properties throughout the city. There are no youth hostels, but the best budget pension is the family-run Gunes.  It is set in the city center in a restored Ottoman house.

There are even some nice beaches within ten miles of the city center. In the little village of Guzelyah (which is the terminus of the ferry route from Istanbul) some very unique Bursa accommodation can be found at the Olentik Ship Hotel. This hotel is actually housed in a venerable old ferry that was retired after 50 years plying the waters back and forth from Istanbul. Although the ceilings are a bit low in this old ship, it offers a surprising amount of comfort in an unusual environment and boasts an excellent restaurant.



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