Calis Beach

Calis Beach near Fethiye is located in a thriving ex pat community that is very popular with Europeans, especially those from England and Germany. Americans have discovered it over the past couple decades, making for a good mix of visitors from around the world.

This is one of the quieter beach resorts along the coast. It has some good, albeit low key, nightlife with a couple of discos and some luxury Calis Beach hotels offering summer entertainment. This suits the visitors who come here for extended vacations just fine, as they can go into Fethiye (only four miles away) when they want a bit more excitement. They like Calis Beach Turkey just the way it is, so they can enjoy a peaceful holiday without crowds of raucous party goers. This more relaxed atmosphere also makes it an excellent vacation spot for families with children. There are plenty of vacation rentals also, as many visitors come for extended vacations.

Calis Beach (pronounced “Chalish”) stretches for about 2.5 miles in a graceful curve with darkish colored sand, and boasts some of the most spectacular sunsets possible. It is bordered by a promenade for pedestrians with hotels, shopping spots, bars, restaurants, and other dining venues, and the long pedestrian strip makes it easy on visitors with walking and mobility issues. In fact, the entire resort area around Calis Beach is quite flat, unlike the hilly and mountainous resort further east around Antalya and Alanya. In addition to great sunsets, Calis Beach near Fethiye provides cooling breezes that blow in off the water, a welcome relief during the heat of the summer months. If you’re wondering when to go, you will find that July and August are the hottest months (relieved by the sea breezes) and that many of the middle and lower end hotels are closed during the winter.

Calis Beach near Fethiye is also significant as one of only seventeen nesting sites for the highly endangered loggerhead sea turtle. Calis Beach is a key to preserving the declining population of these incredible creatures, and the country and community of Fethiye work closely with international organizations like the World Wildlife Fund to do so. Some more secluded sections of the beach area will be closed off or prominently posted during the nesting season. The hatching season (about August to December) is quite amazing as hundreds of the little sea turtles make their frantic way to the sea during the night hours. Other beaches along the Turquoise Coast (especially Lara Beach near Antalya) are also nesting sites, along with others throughout the Mediterranean from Libya and Cyrpus to Greece (which has the largest populations).

Also near Calis Beach Turkey is Oludeniz Beach, one of the most popular in the country. Both these beaches are great for scuba diving and paragliding. There is also some decent surfing here, and there are a number of spas and traditional Turkish baths in the area. The area around Calis Beach Turkey also boasts it own water park, excellent fishing and horseback riding, and sailing tours to the offshore islands.

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